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Jodha Akbar Tuesday 18 May 2021: Jodha Akbar update Tuesday 18th May 2021, jalal takes jodha’s hand and places it on head and says hamida wans heir thats why she is going bare foot to ajmer if you wanna stop her you have to pretend that you are pragnant jodha takes off her hand and ask is this a joke for you jalal says its not i pretended in front of your parents now its your turn. Jodha denies saying its not possible jalal angrily says knew your answer jodha looks at him both have angry look.

Scene 2
gul badan says to hamida you took big promise. Hamida says i want them to become one gul says but they are hamida says they are together but not close.

Scene 3
jodha is cursing that what he thought i can lie. Moti says he pretended in front of your parents but that doesn’t mean he can ask anything from she then suggest to talk with rukiya jodha says after losing chess game she is angry so can’t talk. Moti then suggest to talk with jalal jodha says he is the one putting me in this fix what he will do now moti ask to talk once jodha ask her to leave.

Scene 3
hoshiyar tells rukiya about priest’s word she laughs it off saying jodha will give heir. How can she as touch is far jalal doesn’t even look at her. She says lets see how jodha will give heir without jalal.

Scene 5
jodha is sitting in front of lord and ask to do some miracle to save my mother from this difficult task the jalal whom i hate most how can i be with him.

Scene 6
rukiya is offering prayers after she is done she gets up but feels numb so ask for doctor. Wives are gossiping in harem that ruks can’t give heir no matter how big her wish is she only wants heir to remain important wife in eyes of jalal.

Scene 6
doctor checks her ruks is not so hopful when doctor informs her that she is pragnant ruks doesn’t believe and ask again when she says you are going to give heir to jalal someone will soon say you mother. Ruks gifts her something and says not to tell this news to anyone walls also have ears i don’t even want them to listen i want to give this news jalal in private. And smiles.

Scene 7
jodha is doing aarti of tulsi plant jalal is practicing in same keep looking at her. She gives aarti to every hindu servant then thinks to offer it to jalal also? Then answers its aarti so should give. She goes upto him and offers aarti jalal remembers events of marriage when he accepted these kind of things like when masa offered him tilak and looks at jodha and bows down thinking she is about to tilak jodha thinks why he bowd his head down jalal thinks why she is not applying tilak he points at his head when jodha says its for aarti not tilak he is about to take plate when she says i will tell you and shows him how to take aarti he keeps his hand on diya jodha removes plate from bneath its hand and is about to give aarti herself when he holds her hand and clutches it tight jodha is shy jalal has passionate look diya is about to fall when both try to save it and jalal takes the aarti jodha is happy some servant informs jalal that ruks want to meet you jalal says wait a minute and look behind only to see jodha is gone. Jalal looks at his lil burnt hand and smiles broadly.

Scene 8
ruks ask hoshiyar to bring mirror he complies hoshiyar ask i didn’t see you looking in mirror before ruks says i am looking at the mother of heir of this kingdom hoshiyar ask you are not happy about being mother but to become mother of heir. Jalal comes to her and ask you asked for me at this time she says if i stop hamida from then jalal says so you are going to lie ruks says its not a lie i am going to be a mother jalal is stunned and ask what you she repeats again he comes to her caresses her and ask to keep saying again again she says i also asked doctor again and again. Jalal says he will be my heir but if its a daughter even then i will love her most and will fulfill her every wish. Ruks says it will be your heir only. Jalal ask what she wants as a gift she says i will ask but after giving you heir he says then gift is dew. Jalal announces huge celebration for the new heir. Ruks tells Hoshiyar that finally she has got what she wanted, she wants the entire control over the empire which Maham has now, Resham overhears it.

Maham and Adham’s wife have a short DIL-MIL antics when Resham comes and informs about Ruks words. Maham is furious to hear that as she knows that Ruks can play dirty once she gets the power (since she knows that AK entered the harem that night)

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