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Jodha Akbar 22 June 2021: Jodha Akbar update Tuesday 22nd June 2021 The episode starts with the sangeet function in the hall, Jodha dancing on the mehendi song, Javeda wants to join the dance and MA scolds her,Jalal is being a peeping Tom and smiles like a love-struck teenage boy. Jodha is lost in dancing and spots Jalal and the function comes to an end.The chhoti fauj tells her that Jalal knew that he is not allowed to watch the dance.

Jalal in his room, takes the dupatta and thinks about Jodha’s dance. She comes and scolds him as to why he watched the dance. He asks her to punish him, she says NO, again he riles her by asking if she has started liking him and then Jodha had to give him a punishment of 500 pushup. He started to remove his clothes, Jodha gets awkward, he starts doing the push ups and gives out suggestive moans and sounds, Jodha gets worried and tells him to stop it as people might take out a different meaning. He then tells her to massage his shoulders and again teases her and then Jodha leaves in anger—-Such a typical husband-wife scene

Sukanya tells Jodha that Jalal is such a nice person and saved her marriage once again, Jodha-Sukanya share an emotional moment. The baaraat comes, Amer clan and Agra welcomes the groom and his family, Jalal thinks about his marriage with Jodha. Menavati puts tilak on jalal too, some of it falls on his nose, Jodha signals him to wipe it but he doesnt understand, one of the chhoti fauj goes and helps him. Jodha tells her that Jalal is a fool. Jalal too does the same with Jodha and she also wipes her nose, then the same litle girl tells Jodha that Jalal made a fool of her–A very cute, light moment between Jodha -Jalal

Shariffuddin is playing with sand , AK comes and S tells that the dhamaka is going to explode soon, AK asks if he fails and S tells to bide the time when the groom’s father will ask for the fort from Jalal as that fort is very important for Mughal sultanate.

Everyone is gathered in the hall and the dowry list is being announced, the groom’s father asks for Ratanpur fort, Jalal tells that it cannot be given, the groom’s father tells that Shariffuddin promised the same. Shariffuddin does a volte-face, Bharmal tries to talk to the father, but he says that he wants his kingdom to be protected from Mughals as well as Rajputs. Jalal is quite angry with the turn of events.

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