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Jodha Akbar 8 December 2020: Jodha Akbar update Tuesday 8th December 2020, Laboni says to Jodha that when husband is ill then how can Jodha be fine? and for my sister, her life revolve around Jalal, jodha ask moti to leave, she leaves, Laboni says to Jodha that forget Jalal and you remember your promise? jodha says i remember and i will fulfill it, i have one request, Jalal is very ill, let me live here till he gets fine, Laboni says he is ill because of my black magic and i can make him fine but for that you have to leave palace, dont care about Jalal and leave this palace today only, if you dont leave then i will kill Jalal and his family,i will give them pain, do you wanna see them in pain? like Hamida, Aram? jodha says no dont do this, i will leave palace today only, dont hurt my family, Laboni says thats like a good sister, she leaves, Jodha curtly looks at her.

Hamida comes to Jalal and says to him that give Jodha responsibility of management, Ruks thinks why always jodha? Jodha comes and says i can take this responsibility, Jalal says dont say like this, you are capable of it, if king is not fine then queen should take charge, Jodha says i know but i am sorry, i cant take this responsibility, i wanna go to Mathura, i wanna do pooja there for Jalal, Hamida ask cant you delay this pooja as Jalal is not fine, Jodha says i have to go for Jalal only, i am sure with my prayers, Jalal will be fine, i cant ignore this pooja, Hamida says if this is the case then you go, Ruks says yes, we will take care of Jalal, you leave, Jodha looks at jalal, she gets little emotional and says i will prepare for my leave, she leaves.

Laboni laughs and says to Dammo that i get what i want, soon Jodha will leave and Jalal will be mine, she says did you think that it will happen? Jodha knows everything but she cant do anything, Jodha is foolish, she has given her life to me, if i was in her place then i wouldnt have let that happen, Dammo says now our work is easy, we will do last part of our magic, our work will complete now, Laboni says there is no hurdle in my way now, Dammo shows her red powder and says you have to apply it on jalal before you make him yours.
Salim gets Anar’s letter, she writes that i hope this letter brings smile on your face, i pray for your protection and i pray that you win and return soon, i cant even sleep in your wait, your Anarkali, Salim kisses her letter, he smiles and writes letter for her too, he send letter to anarkali. Rahim comes to him, Salim ask did you find about man who attacked me? Rahim says no, we will find soon, your security is more tight now, Salim says nothing will happen to me, i have to catch Pratap, we have to think something else to catch him, Rahim says he is not coming out, Salim says we have to take step now, ask all soldiers to keep eye on all markets and borders, i have to return to Agra soon.

Jodha is packing her stuff, she sees blue dupatta which jalal selected for her, she recalls how jalal made her wear it, jalal comes in her room, he says you are getting ready as if you wanna go asap, Jodha makes Jalal sit, she says you are not fine then why did you come here? you could have called me, Jalal says i thought you muse be busy so thought to come and meet you, Jodha starts to leave, Jalal says sit, let me see you, spend sometime with me, dont know when we will see each other again, Jodha thinks i dont wanna go away but for your life, i have to go away from you, Jodha ask Jalal to take care of him, drink Kadha and dont do sword fighting, jalal says you are saying as if you will not comeback, jodha says i care for you, Jalal says then take me too with you, jodha get in tears, jalal ask what happened? there is something that is bothering you, tell me, Laboni comes there and interrupts them, Laboni says to jodha that palanquin has come, Jalal says your sister doesnt wanna leave me, Laboni says jodha dont worry, in your absence i will take care of Jalal, Jodha curtly says i know, Jodha says to Jalal that i will leave now, she gives him look and leaves. Jodha comes in garden, Jalal sees her from balcony, jodha smiles at him, she then looks at Laboni, Dammo says to Laboni that prick is removed, now we have to prepare for night, jodha sit in palanquin, she looks at Jalal who is sad, palanquin is taken away from palace, Ruks ask jalal to not worry, jodha will return soon, take rest, she takes Jalal to his room.

At night, Dammo says to Laboni that i am waiting for moon so that we can start our magic, this statue has helped us and will do that now too, you have to bring Jalal to jungle, Laboni says our problem jodha is removed, now who can stop me?
Ruks brings jalal in chess room and says i thought you will feel good here, she says lets play game, she ask which color you chose, Jalal says white, Laboni is standing as pawn on ches table, she thinks Ruks cant stop Jalal as he has to go with me.
jodha comes to Uday’s house, she doesnt find and says i thought Uday would have returned till now thats why i left palace but he is not here, i cant fight them alone, what if anything happens to jalal? i cant leave Jalal alone, i have to save him even if my life is gone.

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