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Jodha Akbar 8 June 2021: A guard comes and gives a message to das & Company, they get agitated, worried,they meet Jalal and tell that some one has attacked Amer. bhagwan das says you can expect the situation and bharmal is alone there and the reason we were here is over as culprit is caught so allow us to leave jalal says i understand and offers his force to join them as they can need it. das says its really great of you but bharmal has arranged his force and we brothers will fight with the situation jalal asks them to meet Jodha but they wanted to leave asap. Jalal says ok i will order to do preparations for your leave.

Bhagwan thanks him and leaves. Jalal says i know you will not need my force, you brother alone can fight, i’ve seen it and appreciate their bravery. Jodha on the other hand says i wanted to leave with my brothers i dont understand jalal one side he wants me to go then why he allowed them to leave without me. She comes out where jalal is practicing sword fighting and get the cut soldeir puts the sword down and ask forgiveness jalal says we will progress till soldiers like you are present.

Jodha comes and says i want to talk with you he ask everybody jalal says it has become your hobby to interrupt me in everything jodha says you say something else and do other thing why you didnt send me with my brothers jalal says you always complain that i dont listen but its you who dont listen, bharmal asked them to urgently come so i allowed them to go while practicing he puts sword on her neck jodha says i cant breath here i want to go he says i am also not interested to stop you she sees a cut on his hand and puts mud from tulsi plant on it jalal says this much care why? She says i saw cut so applied mud he says but I didnt ask you to do so jodha says you are only a injured person for me not a king and it is my risponsibility to treat a injured person jalal says great in lovey dovey words there is smell of hatred i like it and he cuts his other hand jodha is stunned he ask will you not apply mud on it jodha gives furious glance to him and leaves (ishq hai wo ehsas plays).

Scene 2
maham is offering prayers when she sees adham he says first i behead the look alike then roam in agra with her head but i was remembering your face when i see her. Maham says it was your fear only i am here in front of you she was lakhi he ask who maham says i met her and remembers some past where she met lakhi in traditional dance he ask how you met her maham says when jalal was child enemies were searching to kill him when i saw a look alike and i was shocked. To save jalal from enemies i asked her to become maham for some days to save heir of mughals and offers big amount to her she agreed and became maham enemies followed her thinking her maham and i saved jalal. Then after some days i met her and filled her house with gold as per promise and beared her daughter’s marriage expenses she promised me that she will always be there when i need hes. I almost forget her when few days back me and Hamida were discussing history and hamida says mulla bekham had a look alike and he used him. Then i remember that lakhi and gone to her and ask its time to pay back she agreed and i put her in secret room jalal came and saw her.

Maham says to her you are doing great job keep it up. Jalal doubts increased and after two days jalal showed me lakhi and said she is your look alike but not in doings and rahim saw her mixing dathura in kesar. Then i asked to never say a thing in court she did exactly same and got my punishment. Maham says she beheaded herself only because of a promise given to me adham says strange you never appreciated me this much ever maham says she deserve this appreciation this is the special thing about this group of people as they can die but do not changes their tongue.

Scene 3
Ruks is playing ancient luddo when hoshiyar comes excited ruks says i think you’ve got the news about mela who is going to present what he says i also know who is not participating ruks who can be this foolish that will not participate as this is the only chance for all wives to get closer to jalal and only one will not participate that is jodha hoshiyar says i had same news, jalal comes suddenly and ask no hookah today for me ruks i have the news which has more addiction ruks says tomorrow is mena bazar jalal ask whats new ruks says i always present something special and will make stunned like always but someone is not participating jalal ask who will not be present ruks says jodha jalal says impossible she have as this is tradition of harem ruks says but its not necessory jalal says it is as its tradition and all should follow ruks says why take so much tension for her and you have only put these traditions aside for her only by allowing her to follow her religion, allowed her to do prayers in harem.

Jalal is about to leave when ruks where are going he says last order she has to follow ruks ask last? He says i have letter to bharmal to take jodha from here and she will leave soon she says she must leave as she dont respect you.
Jalal comes to jodha and says yesterday you said you will follow all my orders till when you are here but what is this you are not paricioating in mela jodha retorts that you also said that you will not pressurize me as i am guest for 2 days jalal says till when you are here you have to follow traditions and you are mu wife here so must follow my orders jodha says I’ll leave in 2 days so why should follow traditions of this palace.

Jalal says to jodha that every wife participate in mela(festival) and you should be there also and remember till when you are here nobody should know about you going back to amer. and leaves. Jodha thinks that i will be leaving in two days but he is not leaving any chance to annoy me but this time I will not vow down and will show him what i can do.

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