Jodha Akbar 9 November 2021: Jalal and Jodha come out to distribute clothes to people, jalal says do you remember once in Amer you were distributed like this, Jodha recalls and says how do you know, jalal says that day for the first time someone placed the sword on my neck, you were about to behead me. Jodha says circumstances were different then, now it’s different, jalal says what is changed, what you think about me now, Jodha says this is not the place to talk about this, jalal says at least tell this that if knew that I was the same jalal whose head you wanted to be put in Devi’s feet then you would have killed me, Jodha says I wish to kill you even now, jalal says what, Jodha says yes, every wife think at least one time in a day to kill her husband, jalal says only one time what about other time of day, Jodha says other time she wishes to care for him, jalal says like putting medicine on his wounds, waking the whole night for his health, making remedy for him. Jodha says this is not caring but love, jalal smiles at her indirect confession, Jodha says some wives 1st give pain to so husband comes close then come closer to remove pain, jalal says leave all but tell me what you think about me, Jodha diverts and says your dress is loose, give it to tailor, jalal says answer me what you think about me now, Jodha says some answers wife doesn’t give, husbands have to find themselves.

Scene 2
they come to jail, they listens to prisoner getting beaten up and screaming, jalal comes there and saves prisoner, its zakira, she says I did mistake to be with Benazir, but I didn’t had any option, I was servant of Benazir and had to follow her rules but now I pray for jalal, I was short by height so nobody use to give me work that’s why I started work with Benazir, jalal scolds soldier and says why were you beating her like this, jodha ask her to get up, zakira says sorry for her doing, jalal says I am freeing you from prison, zakira says I did wrong with you even then you are freeing me, jalal says I also got second chance so I am giving you too, jalal says you got punished for what you did and I listened in amer that handicapped people should not be given punishment, jodha recalls how once jalal’s handicapped companion was caught and she said that this person should not be given punishment as its against their respect and honour, fb ends, jalal repeats her words, jodha is stunned that he was there that time, jalal says god also forgive hi men so am I, you are free, zakira says you are great, I will pray my whole life for your togetherness, you both remain happy, I will keep praying for both of you. she leaves, jodha says today also you got precious gift that prayers of a weak person and I also go this, I am very lucky to listen my husband’s praise infront of me.

SCene 3
jalal sees one mark on wall and says its same like which is on my bangle, bairam khan use to tell me there is some secret way in jail, I hope its same, jodha gets excited and says where it leads? jalal says why should I tell you, did you answer my question so why should I answer you, jalal says khan baba used to tell me that my father use to take this secret basement to hide himself and nobody could find him and there is way that goes to jungle from here, maybe I will get answers of questions seeing this place.
maham comes in jail and says I will not leave him today, jalal and jodha are going in secret way, jalal says I don’t know secret is there in this basement, I am excited to know about my father’s secret place. jodha says but there is wall infront,jalal tries to hit wall with sword, maham is on ther side of and says there is someone on other side. jodha listens to someone screaming in pain, jalal ask what happened, jodha tells him that she listened someone’s scream. jalal looks on.. jalal also listens, they goes to otherside, maham sees them and hides with her secret man, jalal and jodha look around, jalal says there is nothing here, even khan baba didn’t know about it so there must be nothing here, it must be some bat so we should leave else we will get late for celebration, they leaves, maham have sigh of relief.

Scene 4
jodha is getting ready, jalal calls her, she ask moti to give sweets to jalal and I will get ready, she gets ready, jalal comes and says you called me and you are not ready as yet, jodha looks at him and says look at you, how much you are glowing, jalal shows jodha in mirror and says when your wife is so beautiful so you have to look good so that you doesn’t look dull infront of her, jodha says you are weird and your ways of praising is also weird, jalal says if I was not weird then you could have not loved me, jodha gets shy and nods. jalal says I cant believe that one year passed with you and I am happy with you, I want to spend my life with you, jodha puts her hand on his hand and smiles. shehnaz comes there with sweet dish, moti comes there and ask shehnaz to go out, shehnaz ask what is it in bowl, moti says its sweet for jalal, shehnaz says then I will make him eat, moti tries to stop but shehnaz moves forward and deliberately throws sweet dish on jalal”s sandals, jalal gets angry, shehnaz says don’t punish me I am sorry, jalal says jodha I want to talk in private, moti and sehehnaz goes out, jalal says I understand that she is not mad but child, but did you see what she did, I don’t want her to come in celebration, jodha says nothing will happen, jalal says I don’t know but she will not come there, jodha says if you have decided then what I can say, jalal says I will meet you in celebrations and leaves. jodha;s mood gets off.

Scene 5
sharif is doing arrangements and thinks that when you will come in my arms Jodha, it hurts me that whom I crave for, I have to do preparations for her marriage anniversary, Bakshi ask what are you thinking, he says about marriage, I mean we should celebrate our anniversary like this, Bakshi says do whatever you want, she leaves, sharif says I want to leave your hand and grab Jodha’s hand. all comes at jashn venue and are happy with the arrangements, Hamida asks about ruks, salima says she is not feeling well. jalal comes in hall, all greets him, ruks is looking at all this from balcony, jodha comes in hall, jalal keeps looking at her, all greet Jodha, Jodha sits beside jalal. jalal looks at her and smiles. ruks gets angry in her room and shouts Jodha, she says my game is going away fronm me but I will not sit and see like this, jalal is going away from me, I have to do something, I will not feel good to see jalal heartbroken but I have to make jalal mine.

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