Jodha Akbar 10 November 2021: Hamida comes to jalal and Jodha, she kisses their heads, Hamida brings gifts, the royal turban and crown for them and make them wear it, all people chant for jalal and Jodha’s long life, Jodha smiles and looks at jalal and makes face. atgah gets up and says bharmal has gifted you elephants and another animal, meenavati has also sent gifts.

shehnaz is roaming and thinks that all are busy celebrating, I can finish my work which was left due to gul babdan begum that day, she comes in her room and sees something in Humayun’s biography, she says I have to find things fro my work to be done, she closes it and says I should leave before anybody sees me, she comes out of the room. moti comes there and asks where are you going? shehnaz says I am going on the roof. moti says don’t be sad I will make you see celebrations. shehnaz says jalal will be angry, moti says we are not going to celebrations but I will make you see it, shehnaz thinks that I got such a nice chance but this moti bai.

Scene 2
Hamida says jalal all Mughal rituals are done, now time for rajvanshi rituals, he ask whats it, Hamida says it a game of magic eyes, Jodha laughs. Hamida ask them to come, they get up and are going somewhere, jalal whispers Jodha that you are smiling looking at all but not looking at me, are you that angry, Jodha says no but I am angry on your thoughts about shehnaz, jalal says I don’t have any personal animosity but I don’t want anybody to be hurt by her, Jodha says she doesn’t do it purposely, jalal says I know but remember what she did with Rahim. we have to be careful with kids, Hamida turns and ask what are you advising her related to kids? jalal says nothing, Jodha knows about kids better, Hamida says how she can know without being a mother when she will become mother she will know, jalal smiles while Jodha is shy. they come for ritual, hamida gives them bowl filled with milk and rose petals, she says find magic eyes in it, jalal and jodha tries to find, jalal gets naughty and holds jodha’s hand in the bowl, jodha is stunned but couldn’t say anything infront of anyone, hamida says I listened that Krishna ji uses to like this game, Salima says Jodha you have to win, Jodha looks at jalal and pleads to leave her hand, jalal leaves, jalal makes Jodha win, Hamida says good and ask her to make a wish, Jodha says yes but.. jalal says I will make a wish with her, Hamida says I have already wished that soon Jodha gives young brother to Rahim to play with him, Jodha is stunned.

Scene 2
ruks ask dasi to bring a doctor and doesn’t allow anyone to come in. doctor comes, ruks ask her to sit. Maham is with some hakim(doctor), she says I tried everything on the patient but he is not getting well, doc says every illness has treatment, I will see patient and then tell you, he goes to check him, Maham says you have to become fine at any cost so that I achieve my goals.

Scene 3
atgah tells jalal that some common people wants to congratulate you, they come and praise jalal Jodha, they say we hope your wishes get fulfilled, the dancers are dancing and praising jalal on song Jai ho. jalal asks Jodha to come close, she says he says either you didn’t listen or want me to tell loudly about my love, Jodha comes close, jalal too comes close. jalal whispers to jodha that we have to talk about child tonight, jodha looks at him and sasy this is why you called me close, jalal says it’s a very important matter, jodha angrily looks at him and is about to go far but her dupatta gets stuck under jalal’s elbow, jalal says look your dupatta is also in the mood of naughtiness, jodha is speechless.

The doctor which came to meet ruks, calls atgah out of venue, she informs him something. atgah comes informs jalal same and jalal leaves with him, Jodha looks on. jalal comes out and meets that girl, she says him something which is muted, jalal says is it true? she nods, jalal comes to ruks room and says don’t get up, he says is this news true? she says yes, he says this news is very serious for me so tell me the truth, ruks says yes you are going to be father, I promised you that I will make you father, I will give you child and I fulfilled my promise, jalal gets happy and kisses her forehead, he says you have told me the most beautiful news, I am thankful to god that he gave this happiness, he orders daises to take full care ruks, he says there should be no carelessness in her care, more dasies should be appointed, food should be given after checking, call the priest who will pray for the child, earlier also an unfortunate incident happened, I don’t want any worng thing this time. the day which I waited for so long is about to come, you have given me happiness ruks, I can’t thank you enough. He kisses her forehead, Jodha comes there and sees this, he keeps kissing her hand, Jodha cant see this and closes her eyes, she says jalal this was a most precious day for me and you came here leaving me there, she recalls how jalal said that this is a most beautiful day and he wants to spend his life with her, she is teary-eyed. ruks thinks Jodha now celebrate your anniversary without jalal.

Scene 4
all dasies discusses this news of ruks going to be mother, they tell this news to hamida and salima, hamida is beyond happy, salima says seems good days are coming, hamida says doctor said that ruks cant is a mother then how this happened, the doctor says miracles happen, it was destined to be, I am happy that I was worng. salima congratulate hamida, jiji anga also congratulated, she says we should celebrate, we should share this with people, hamida says unfortunate happened earlier, I don’t want this to happen again, don’t know where is enemy, we should control our emotions, jalal and ruks suffered earlier too.

Jalal is with ruks and says you have given me the best news, I cant tell you how much happy I am, I will take care of you even more this time, Jodha sees their affection and cant tolerate jalal being so close to ruks, she leaves from there crying.

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