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Jodha Akbar 14 July 2021: On Jodha Akbar update Wednesday 14th July 2021 adham is taking massage when someone throws stone at him, he ask soldier to see who is doing that but then himself goes out to check, its non other than tasnim who is trying to catch kite from tree. He comes to her, moti and jodha sees him with her, he ask tasnim why you threw stone at me, she says i was just trying to get my kite, he says i will help you, tasnim is reluctant, but he holds her from back and lifts her and ask to get the kite, tasnim says she dont want it, he leaves her, tasnim runs. Jodha says to moti that you were right adham has wrong intention.

Scene 2
jalal is playing chess with ruks, she ask him that why you are not concentrating on game? Jalal says my mind is stuck in politics, after sharif sudden dissappearance many states are without ministers. Ruks says dont appoint one person for all four states if they are outsider, just break power and divide it into different man and those who dont share good rapport with each other so they will not stand against you. Jalal says you are good at politics, i will also discuss with maham, ruks says she will suggest adham’s name, he is not competent, he is not able to do ministry of malwa, jalal says he is a good soldier, ruks says but for a minister cool mind is needed which adham dont have. She says maham loves you but not more than adham, jalal ask her not say a word against bari ami she agrees. He defeats her in chess, ruks says i want you to win every battle.

Scene 3
Jodha Akbar 14 July 2021 update Zee world Maham is discussing with resham about her interests in politics And how Ruks is against Adham, According to Maham Adham is best suited for the 4 states nagor mewar surta ajmer Etc

In court Jalal then selects husain quili for nagor as suggested by Adka khan, Jalal misses Adham in the court, he orders Adka khan to find out why was he absent

Jodha Akbar 14 July 2021 In his room Adham is dreaming of Tasnim.. Maham reminds him of his duties but he does not move
Adka khan then receives orders him to nominate the names than Adka khan tells him jalal selects ministers
Resham then informs Maham that Jalal had given away all the four ministry to others and none to Adham
Maham is furious that Jalal had taken a decision with out consulting her she feels insulted

Scene 4
jodha prays to kahna, moti ask what are you thinking, jodha says i am thinking about adham, tasnim is very young even then adham has eye on her, its only about thinking. Moti says it is in fate of women and we servants have to bear this as a women. Jodha says but i am queen and i will not let this happen, moti says no i wont let you do that, adham is very powerful, he will take revenge. Jodha says i am a queen if he is powerful then i am also powerful, its my duty to save, i am going, moti ask her where are you going, jodha says she is going to tasnim house, moti says she will also as she is her servant. They comes to tasnim’s house and tell everything to tasnim’s mother but she says that adham has done alot for us, he has given job to tasnim’s father and gave beautiful necklace to tasnim. Jodha ask for these things you will give away tasnim, she says we are small people we cant do anything, we have raised tasnim but we cant do anything as adham is a great man and we will follow him. Tasnim says she dont like adham at all, he grabed her from her back, her mother ask her to shut and jodha to go.

Scene 5
jodha turns and sees adham standing, hes is stunned, adham greets her and says it doesnt suite a queen to be here, jodha says it even doesnt suite prince then why are you here, adham says he wanted to listen to poor people’s problem, jodha then i also came to listen to the people if they have any problem with shahi people. Adham ask meaning jodha says you very well the meaning but let me tell you that i will crush your dreams. Jodha leaves. Adham comes to tasnim’s mother, she calls out tasnim, tasnim comes out with fear, adham ask what jodha tell them, her mother tell him everything, he is furious that jodha is sneaking into his matters but ask mother to at night today with tasnim as he has something important to tell, mother agrees, he gifts tasnim kite and leaves. Tasnim breaks the kite.

Scene 6
Jodha Akbar 14 July 2021: maham is shouting on resham that my government is being snatched from me, and the person who is doing that is non other than jalal, i think he is not trusting me anymore, he didnt include me in jodha’s secret and now he has decided ministry about 5 states but he didnt ask for my suggestions as cheif minister. She ask pen and paper, she writes a letter to jalal and ask resham to take this to jalal now. He obliges.

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