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Jodha Akbar 25 November 2020: Jodha Akbar update Wednesday 25th November 2020, Priest says that Jalal will have to give wealth to Jodha that is oe lac gold coins, tons of gold, specials stones etc, Jodha says thats it? i dont want it, i want more, all are shocked, Priest says this was written at time of marriage, Jodha says its less, when a girl comes in her in laws house, she makes new relationship, i made relation with Hamida, Jalal, with other wives and all, will these relation end with this divorce? this is injustice, Jalal says which relations you are talking about Hamida doesnt take you as her daughter in law, i am giving you divorce as per Rules, Jodha says if thats case then this wealth is less, i want more wealth, Jalal says you will will get what you want, i will open my treasury for you, Jalal ask to bring gold, soldiers bring golb biscuits, Jalal ask if its fine? Jodha says no i want more, Jalal ask to bring jewelry, all are confused with jodha’s behavior, Hamida takes off her jewelry and puts it in Jodha’s stuff, Jalal is angry, Jodha looks at Hamida then looks at gold and jewelry placed infront of her, she comes, takes Hamida’s earrings which she had placed there, she says to jalal that i dont want anything else now, this is my wealth, Jalal says but this is just earrings, i am giving you alot of wealth, Jodha says for me only this matters, my mother have given me this, this is Marium Makani’s earrings, they are respectable so nothing matters infront these earrings, i dont want anything, Hamida feels guilty and in tears look at Hamida, Jodha says to Jalal that i accept your divorce and i am ready t leave, Jalal says fine, Jodha starts leaving, Hamida stops her and says you will not go anywhere and Jalal will not divorce you, she comes to Jalal and says you cant divorce Jodha, this is your mother’s order, Jalal ask all to leave expect his family, all ministers leave.

Jalal ask Hamida why? i wam king, nobody can stop me, Hamida says i am Mariumj Makani and you will not divorce her, what she has done? that she went against you for first time, she has always done things fro me and you, Jalal says she went against me, she tried to change her religion, Hamida says she was forced by me, i accept that i pressurized her to change religion, i wanted to stop the war so i stopped eating and my daughter Jodha who loves me alot had no choice but to change her religion, she is not responsible but i am, i didnt know Jodha will have to bear such punishment because of all this, i am king’s mother and i order you to not divorce her, Jalal smiles broadly, all are stunned, he says i will never understand relation of mother and daughter in law, i am sorry to all of you, i did drama of giving divorce to Jodha, i had no intention to divorce, i knew Jodha was pressurized, Hamida didnt tell me this but i could sense that, i just wanted to make Hamida believe that she is wrong, she went against daughter for whom she used to fight with me, you both have set example of daughter and mother relation, youboth ave given me strength to fight in war so why this fight, Hamida cries and says to Jodha i am sorry i did mistake, Jodha says elder should raise hands to bless only, not to say sorry, they hug each other, all smile, Jalal says if everything is fine between you both then i am also sorry with Jodha, Jodha angrily leaves from there, Hamida ask Jalal to pacify my daughter else i will not see your face, Jalal says you are weird first you didnt want to see her face, and now for her, you will not see my face.

Jodha Akbar 25 November 2020: Jalal comes to Jodha, Jodha is packing ehr stuff and says i am leaving, he says it was just drama, Jodha says everything is joke for you, how easily you said that you dont love me anymore, you will divorce me, did you ever thingk how much it hurts my heart? i didnt agree with you for once so you took decision to divorce me, you have hurt me alot of time, Jalal says you know i didnt mean that, she pushes him and ask him to go, jalal says come with me once, Jodha says i dont wanna come, he drags her and brings her in terrace, he says look at stars, till they are in sky, till then i will not leave you, i only did drama so that your relation with Hamida becomes fine, Jodha says like stars you love fades away in morning, divorce me and leave me, i will get alot of wealth and will live peacefully, Jalal says you wanna leave me? Jodha says i wanna leave all these tensions, jalal says what you want? i can says sorry like Aram bano, sitting on my knees, Jodha smiles and says you want me to stop? Jalal says yes, she asys you will do what i will say? Jalal says everything, Jodha says you will have time? jalal says i willl take time ot for you, Jodha says ok i have some conditions, she says when i call you to walk in garden with me then you have to leave your work and come, Jalal agrees, she says when i feel like eating mangoes then you have pluck them from tree, Jalal agress, Jodha keeps telling him conditions and he agrees to all, still worried for her, Jodha says now hold your ears ad become hen to sorry, Jalal says anyone can see me here, lets go in room, Jodha says you hurt me infront of everyone so say sorry infront of all too, Jalal says ok if you want then i wilL do it, he holds his ear and is about to sit down but Jodha stops him and says dont use word divorce again, he says never, she hugs him, jalal says all were taking your side, Salim said that if you give divorce to Maasa then i will not become king, Jodha what he called me Maasa Jalal nods, Jodha says my son returned to me, she hugs Jalal.

Jodha comes to Salim, she says to him that why did you say no to next king’s title? Salim says i thought Jalal is doing wrong with you, Jodha says you took my side? he says yes, did i do wrong? Jodha says yes, when parents fight, kids dont have to take one’s side, Jalal want to see you as king, promise me that in future, you will be on both sides, you will not go against Jalal, you will not insult your parents, Salim says from which mud you are made Maasa? Jodha gets emotional and ask him to repeat, he repeats, she caresses his face and says i cant believe that you called me Maasa, call me once again, he again say it, Jodha have tears in her eyes and says i was dying to listen this word, you used to call me queen, Marium Zamani and all, all i wanted to listen was this word Maasa and you fulfilled my wish, i kept praying to Kahna about this, today is best day, i got my mother, Husband and also my son back, Salim smiles, Jodha ask him to take title of heir, he nods, she says i have one request dont be miffed with Jalal, he loves you alot, Salim says i dont understand him, he talks like father sometime but sometime he becomes king only but i will try to be nice with him for you, Jodha smiles.

Scene 2
Hoshiyar gives hunter to Ruks and says i know you are angry as Jalal didnt divorce Jodha and as per my experience you beat me in anger so i brought things in advance like hunter, burning coals and cutter, Ruks looks at Hunter, burning coals, she says to Hoshiyar that i will not punish you today because i knew from before that Jalal is thinking something, he cant divorce Jodha like this, this was not my trick so i should not be sad about its failure, my real prey is Salim and i will not let my hard work go in vein, Salim is getting soft corner for his mother, now i have to do something that will make Salim hate his mother again.
Jalal announce Salim as next king and makes him wear crown, Murad is angry, all chant for Salim, Haidar’s uncle says to Murad that i am feeling bad, i wanted you to be nect king but fate wanted something else, Jodha has tears in her eyes, Salima ask why are you crying, Jodha says these are tears of happiness, Ruks thinks Jodha you have given birth to Salim but he is my son and i will not let you snatch him, Jodha says to Salima that Salim called me Maasa, i am so happy, Ruks is shocked. Fazal says to Jalal that i got letter from Suadia Arabia, now our people can go to pilgrimage there, Jalal says this is real win, now my family and people both are away from any danger.
Otherside Laboni’s mother says to Laboni that wait for tonight and Jalal will be yours, she laughs. in palace, Jalal looks at Jodha and smiles, she smile back.

Scene 3
Jodha Akbar 25 November 2020: In morning, Jalal comes in garden, Jodha greets him, Maan says to Jalal i am sorry i took you wrong, Jalal says i am your uncle rightnow and to tell you that Jodha is my wife and will not let her go anywhere, and how can i let you go? you are most loyal to me, Salim says to Hamida that you make very god sweet dish, Jalal says you are right, my mother make best sweet dish, Jodha says to Hamida that dont come in their talks, Jalal was saying same to Salima yesterday, they do buttering when they have some work, Jalal says so daughter and mother on one side again, Jodha says why not when mother is like Hamida and Daugther is like me, she hugs Hamida, Jalal acts and says i have head ache, can you massage my head, Salim look at Jalal, he winks, Salim acts and says i have head ache too, can you massage my head, Jalal says now we have to see whom Jodha will give massage too, her son or her husband, Jodha is confused, Hamida says dotn tease my daughter, i wil massage my son’s head and Jodha will massage her son’s head, they do their massage, Moti comes and says today is pooja, Jodha says to Jalal that i have arranged pooja for father son relation, pooja is tonight, Jalal says to Salim that we will attend Pooja then, Salim agrees.
Voice over says that Laboni started her black magic to get Jalal. otherside Jodha arranged Kaal Sarkshavn pooja, both decided kali chagus night. Dammu(laboni’s mother) says to her that time has come, start you black magic, Damu helps her. otherside Priest Badrinath does Pooja for Jalal and Salim. Jalal listens some sound, he looks here and there but doesnt find anyone. Badri does aarti of Kali maa. Dammu’s black magic starts working, she is happy. otherside Badri says to Jalal that you have to give some gold in welfare, he gives 2 peacock feather to Jodha and ask her to keep it in Jalal and Salims’ room and make Jalal and Salim eat Rai in morning for three months. Damu says to Laboni that Jalal will be in your trap after pooja. Jodha does Jalal and Salim’s tilak.

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