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Jodha Akbar 26th May 2021 update: Rukaiya is happily listening to folk music drinking hookah when jalal comes in she is happy to see him he comes to her and says listening to music to get peace ruks says you have given peace to me by announcing war at sujaanpur jalal ask what peace you will get by that she says because of this war jodha will her peace when she will get the news that you attacked her sister’s in-laws place she will be sleepless he says yeah you wanted to see them sleepless, in pain i will go to sujaanpur but i will use sword against sukaniya’s in-laws she ask whether he melted jalal ask melt? I dont know this she ask then why? He says i will use amer people they will fight against sujaanpur they will kill their in-laws and pain jodha will feel ruks ask this much hatred then why you married her he says it was my wish to get her i wanted to win her but she took revenge from my unborn child and now she will remember this day as her destruction is started from this day on and 10days i will give her very much pain. He greets her and leaves.

Scene 2
jalal comes outside where all are gathered, they ask whether to first attack baaruk he denies and says attack sujaanpur first they had gone against our rule so they need punishment jodha comes there, he says we will set example of good rule and those who go against my rule he will get severe punishment.

He looks at jodha and ask all to leave. He comes to her and says do you know why i called you here, if i come to you every time then you might think that i am behind or interested in you so i called you out even under house arrest . She says i dont want to talk with you, you are playing with my sister’s life he smirks and says i wanted to give you a good news she retorts back you will give me a good news? Its impossible jalal says you are clever and the news i wanted to tell you is that i am going to free your brothers from house arrest for some days she says i am sure you must have planned something fishy behind this also jalal laughs and says have to admit you think of far future, khan baba used to say its better to have a clever enemy instead of a dumb friend. Jodha says i am not your friend nor enemy and ask whats new trick is this he says i am sending them sujanpur’s war they will fight against their relative jodha sternly tells take revenge from me but why are you making them do this sin why are you making them fight against hindus.

Jalal says thats not all i want bhagwan das to kill that prince whom your sister is getting married with his own hands. I think this relation of sukanya must have broken good it will be easy for das to kill him, now good news is complete, now i will celebrate victory and you will mourn our sister’s happiness. Jodha says i died when you separated me from amer and about mourning so i will definitely mourn our my sister happiness. He says i get peace when see you crying like this but i will these opportunities very often. So you hate me? Jodha says that she hates herself for getting married to a person who rejoices over someone’s pain. Jalal gives her a wicked look. She tries to leave he says i didnt order but she cuts him off saying nothing is left and leaves.

Scene 3
jalal is getting ready for the war and dons his war dress. Bharmal says to sons that i know you dont want to go but we have to follow the contract, remember jalal is son in law so protect him in war. Das reassures. Jalal comes to hamida and informs i am going on a war she says i want you to go after jodha puts tilak on your sword he ask whats this she says its hindu tradition. He smirks and ask servant to bring jodha out of house arrest. He leave hamida prays for him. Jalal is all to go jodha comes and looks at heq brothers.

Maham says to resham dont know what jalal want to do. Jodha comes to jalal he smiles and takes a side. Bharmal comes forward she ask how you can make them go on a war where sukaniya is getting married he says for a new relation i cant neglect the relation which is already created i cant destroy your life for sukanya. King wanted them to go so they will and for a wife husband is first ruks comments jalal knows how to insult somebody. Jalal comes jodha and says i came to know that wife do tilak of victory when husband go on a war and you came here with full rituals so i want you to do this for your husband. Enemy is enemy dont care whether he is related to your brother. She puts tilak on his sword. Ruks says the sword which will cut hindus head has a tilak of hindu(jodha).

Scene 4
Pandit asks her to give him best wishes, she hands over sword to him, puts tilak on him, does aarti,both shooting looks as if they will eat each other alive She does aarti and tilak on all her brothers, Jodha is emotionally charged. Jodha gives her best wishes to Jalal and his army saying i wish that you comeback after winning the battle,Jalal thinks that he will punish her after he comes back from war. Jodha breaks down in her room. Ruks after getting info from Hoshiyaar , comes and meets a person who tells her that he made a particular kind of box few months back for someone in the harem and thinks that it was used for Miscarriage. Ruks asks him who wanted that.

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