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Jodha Akbar 7 July 2021: Jodha Akbar update Wednesday 7th July 2021 jalal and jodha comes to the venue, all greets them, they sit together, priest prays that may your life be filled with happiness, one women comes and says that we thought you both will have no relation but now love has come infront of all, hoshiyar ask ruks whether she is hurt? She says i dont know whether its sadness or happiness, i am sad that i couldnt be mother but happy that jalal is going to be father, jalal, salima and adka keep an eye on every lady and tries to find women wearing green bangle, hamida and all ladies comes to jalal and jodha and gifts jodha, ruks comes forward and says its ritual that i give you kesar milk, ruks is about to taste it but jodha stops her and says i have full believe in you, you dont need to do this, jodha drinks the milk, ruks this what people say about is true or what i see in you, jalal looks at ruks bangle as well. Priest ask jalal jodha to come beneath this sheet and ask ruks to hold one end of the sheet, they stand beneath it, ruks holds one end and seems very hurt, jalal notices it.

Scene 2
ruks is crying outside the venue, jalal comes, she says i always wanted to give you your 1st child but i am so happy that you are going to be father, she says go inside, today you are more needed there.

Scene 3
salima gifts jodha, jalal comes inside venue again, salima thinks that not as a king but what jalal is doing as human is very difficult to do, 1st seeing your dream crashed and even then fulfilling his responsibility, this makes him different from other, jalal thinks i have to find that person who tried to disgrace jodha, salima thinks if that person belongs to this palace then she must be here. Precaap, jalal ask other servant to bring that servant to him, jodha start accusing him that what you want, you get, she is just a servant and you are a king, jalal says i really have work with her, jodha says same work which you had with me, jalal leaves.

Scene 4
jalal ask that servant where is green thread, servant says it is not in my hand, jalal says to tell truth otherwise she will be behead, servant says these bangles are not mine, bakshi bano had gifted me these bangles, jalal is shocked and orders to bring bakshi, she comes, sharif sees her going and is tensed that what could be the reason behind jalal calling, inside room bakshi ask jalal why you called me here? Jalal emotionally looks at her, he kisses her forehead and very gently ask that you made jodha drink that meds, bakshi start crying, he says i am sad that culprit is that person whom if angles points out i wouldnt believe them, he says if had a heart it would have broken today, he says you knew that i had no relation with her, you wanted me to kill her or send back to amer, because of you i had to bear her hatred, he shouts how to tell her that she is not pregnant, how to tell her that it is my sister who did this with her, i never trusted my shadow but i trusted jodha, why you did that with jodha just because she is a hindu begum or any other reason, you did that with jodha i understand but how can you kill innocent doc,

Scene 5
jodha is thinking that he dont respect either a queen or a servant, i hate him but seeing this side of his my hatred seems to be less, jalal comes in jodha’s room and throws bakshi bano, jodha holds her and ask jalal she your sister how can you this with her, jalal says that you are not going to be mother, jodha ask what? He says bakshi will better explain her story, bakshi says i am sorry, you are not pregnant, i wanted to disgrace you, jodha looks at jalal, bakshi tell her everything, jalal gives a look to jodha and leaves. Jodha is tensed.

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