Jodha Akbar 8 September 2021: Ruks shouts that you came here to tell me that you enjoyed playing with her, jalal says i will like to play with her all life because i used to lose when i play with you but i made jodha lose the game, ruks get happy and says you made her lose great. Jalal says why your mood changed? why this much jealousy with other wives, Ruks says i cant share somethings which are mine, she says lets go we will play chess. Jalal says no we have to celebrate baby shower of bakshi, ruks says lets go we will bring gift for her, jalal says i was thinking what to gift as a brother, ruks says we will gift her best thing as husband and wife.

Zee world Jodha Akbar update Wednesday 8 September 2021

Scene 2
The celebration starts, bakshi is made to sit weight balalnce, hamida says you will weighed with gold which will be given to poor, all begums one by one put gold in other side of balance, jalal comes and stand beside jodha, ruks fumes. jalal puts alot of gold in balance, the balance goes down. Jalal announces to distribute these in poor.

In celebration, all start gifting bakshi, 1st hamida comes and gift her beautiful set of shoes for baby then salima gifts her story books for kids written by her, jiji, gul badan phophu gifts her. Then ruks comes and says you will like my gift, she giftd her baby cradle, bakshi likes it alot, ruks says your child will know that what his uncle and aunt haad gievn her, other begums gossips that she cheated jodha, cradle was given by jodha to jalal in meena bazar. Jodha comes forward and gives bakshi to drink milk, hamida ask what gift she has brought, jodha says gift should be felt by heart, i and jalal have decided the gift mutually and jalal is big in honour so he will give it, jalal claps and sharif comes inside, all are stunned. Jalal gets the flashback in which he ask jodha what should i gift bakshi, jodha says her husband sharif, jalal says why you always talk about people which i dont like, why you want me to do that which i dont want to, yesterday you made me forgive bakshi and now this, jodha says saving you from bakshi wasnt not all my effort sharif helped me, jalal says meeting with criminal is a crime but i neglected that but that doesnt mean you will praise him, he tried to defame you, jodha says he is not against mughals, he told me truth of benazir, jalal says why he didnt tell me?

jodha says maybe he thought you wont believe him. he says he saved you and is husband of your sister, you want your sister to be happy and this will happen when he will be with her, jalal says you want to free him who conspired against you, jodha says yes because he was against me not with my husband, she says man marries to get peace, to get someone’s togetherness in life, you may have forgive you sister but her life will be completed with her husband and this will be her 1st gift, please free him. FB ends. Jalal says to mughal that you all must be thinking that why i freed a betrayer? its because of his loyalty that he showed with me and helped in saving me from benazir he ask do anybody have any problem, all are silent, bakshi goes and hugs sharif, hamida says you both have given bakshi the biggest gift, ruks is burning in jealousy.

Scene 3
adham is angry on sharif being free, he says jalal has made competition for me, maham says why are you angry, adham says what should i do, i thought jalal will give me rule of more states but now jalal will give position to that sharif and all plans of our will fail, my heart is saying to.. maham ask what your heart says tell me? he says to become prime minister like you, he says jalal has made problem for us, maham says you are right, now i know why was he happy in jail, she says jodha has again failed our plans, Javeda comes there, maham says not today javeda, javeda goes. Maham says its paining but remember your anger should not come out and wait for right time, politics has one rule that to make your anger hatred and save in heart and wait for your turn.

Scene 4
ruks says jodha is jumping alot these days, maham says she is nagging in political matters, i fear she will become prime minister, ruks says jalal loves you alot, and he will not take your position, maham says but jodha is making her position in people and i think that day is not away when harem will work under her, ruks says this harem is mine, maham says thats why jalal didnt agree to your decision and gave his room to her that day. Ruks calls hoshiyar and says to go and bring jodha here, he leaves.

Scene 5
Jodha is going and meets sharif- bakshi on her way, they greet her, bakshi says i cant thank you enough but i want to thank from my heart, shari says i am here only because with my partner(bakshi), bakshi says your are ray of God, jodha says its nothing like that, sharif says everything is because of you, he looks at jodha and says now i can see my love infront of my, i can make image of my love in my eyes, i can see my love not in picture, bakshi says you didnt tell me you have my picture, he nods, jodha says now you have to serve jalal and mughls, you have win wars and serve your life for jalal, she leaves. Bajshi says now i will not let you go, sharif thinks i am happy as jodha is now infront of my eyes.

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