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Jodha Akbar 9 June 2021: jodha comes to hamida and greets her. Hamida is embroiding a suit jodha ask what is this hamida tells her and says every wife do something for their husband your mother do so also jodha nods hamida ask do you know the reason behind meena bazar jodha says to impress the king to get his attention hamida says when it was arranged first time the reason was big that was wives in palaces do not get to see the outside world so on this day they get the chance to see the sky actually wives buy their happiness on this day jodha is thoughtfull.

Scene 2

javeda is writing something on paper when maham comes she hides it maham ask what are you hiding javeda says i have something very special for meena bazar you will expand like rice of biryani maham ask whats that idea javeda rejects to tell it as wall can listen maham ask to show she says when walls can listen they can see it too. Javeda says about jodha leaving Maham says yes jodha is leaving and it is good that she is leaving as she has no interest in amer and happenings here its better she leaves javeda says i will miss her maham says so go with her to amer javeda says i will not leave you who will make sweets for you and i will not leave you till we go to heaven i will be there with you as well. Maham is irritated.

Scene 3

jodha comes out and servant ask what happened hoshiyar is behind her jodha says i have to take part in meena bazar for sake of hamida servant ask what you will present to impress jalal jodha thinks what should i present to irritate jalal and sees color on servant’s dupatta and says tomorrow is holi. she gets the idea and whispers something in her ear.

Scene 4

hoshiyar is other wives and says not only ruks is compititaing with you this time jodha is also participating and she has long list of winning. One wife says one was not enough that one more is present. They ask for any idea but he denies telling it saying i work for ruks only.

Scene 5

meena bazar is all set. Jalal enters and sees different stalls he comes to the stall of ruks. Ruks shows dupatta in her stall to jalal . He says they are very beautiful jalal ask for 3 dupattas she shows him jalal make her wear one she is very happy jalal ask for reason she says you gifted me first so its special jalal buys other two . Ruks says think before buying they are very expensive jalal says what to think for you i will buy how much expensive they are it will be paid from money of kingdom as it is your day to sell and make most out of it. And your stall will going to be most expensive one for me.

Scene 6

Maham and resham sees a stall and maham thinks that ruks has arranged something special thats why there are much people on her stall resham informs that it is stall of javeda not ruks maham is shocked and thinks what she has done now and its dangerous when monkey gets the sword. She comes to her stall and sees the painting of herself with smiling face. Maham says what nonsense is this. Javeda says nobody have seen you smiling so thats why all are stunned that you look like this when you smile. Maham says i dont want anybody to any of your painting as its for me so i will buy all please shut the stall. Javeda agrees happily.

Scene 7

salima shows jalal the perfume jalal likes it and says how do you know i will like it salima says it is duty of a wife to impress husband. Jalal gifts her one dupatta.

Scene 8

jalal comes to the stall of jodha and says its good you accepted the tradition of harem and ask the reason behind placing colors in her stall jodha says i am not liable to tell you jalal says if you have placed the stall here so you must tell divulge the reason behind showing color on your stall. She takes the white dupatta and says this is white showing peace but it will change if any other color is thrown on it and throws pink color on it. She say colors changes the life in minute and i have showed my emotion by showing colors in my stall but you will not understand jalal smiles and says i have nothing to do with emotion but rules and rule is i have to buy something from every stall jodha ask servant to give jalal colors he says i will buy all colors from your stall as you have told me many things about colors. You know very much about colors but dont know their significance.

I have bought 3 dupattas from ruks stall and the 3rd one was for you, a white one which shows the sign of peace but you have put the color on it and changes its emotion. I have no emotions but understand emotions of others i know tomorrow is holi but in palace it is not played but for a guest as her last wish i allow you to play it tomorrow. I am buying all colors and will gift you tomorrow. He leaves while jodha looks at him.

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