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Jodha Albar update Friday 28th May 2021 jalal with his force arrives at agra maham is happy, in jodha’s room soldiers talks that jalal has won the war so all are celebrating outside and the news is that jodha’s brother bhagwan das got severe injuries in war jodha is listening to all this and is worried. Outside priest prays to God and thanks him for the victory of jalal saying you are very generous. Jalal comes in palace all are happy including hamida,rukaiya,maham and comes to meet him, jodha is also looking at celebrations from her room she sees das injured and is highly worried.

Hamida welcomes jalal and see a wound and says thank god its a small wound jalal says what if its big it is a pride for soldier, hamida ask to put medicine he says medicine was put on it when i killed sujanpur’s prince. Hamida sees das and says he is very much injured, take him and apply medicine. Jalal looks here and there. Hamida thinks when jodha will get to know about it she will be sad.

Scene 2
in jodha’s room soldiers talks that jalal killed ratan singh in war jodha is broken listening to this news and leaves. Other-side jalal is taking bath in bath tub and put hand on his wound then remember how he was caught and how amer princes protected him from all corners and saved him. He cant stop thinking about that moment then remembers how das came in front when he was attacked and das got shot by an arrow.

Here das is being treated, jodha comes running to him and cries looking at his injury and ask how why for whom you bared this wound he says the one whose security was my responsibility she says what was its need why to save me you are putting your life in danger, he killed my sister’s would be husband das says he didnt kill him but in war he got died and this happens in war, other says sukaniya wasn’t married to him and we will another groom for her she says you will not be able to find any groom, for my safety you forgot sukaniya and now you should think about sukaniya as her own brothers is against her with sword in her hand. She is bearing all this because of me and jalal is sole responsible for all this why you all took his side, das says it was our responsibility and bharmal had contract with jalal so we had to , she says i hate that moment when he came in my life why with me jodha is very much sad at her situation das tries to pacify her but jodha says i will do something which my religion permits me. She leaves in anger, soldier searches for her.

Jodha comes to jalal where he is taking bath and says i want to talk with you he is furious and ask you came outside without my orders you are habituated to break my rules jodha says i have no fear no guilt and i accept i killed your unborn child i was jealous and as she did not want any wife to be more powerful than her, Jalal in a furious state,. she continues to say that i was after money so kill me. Jalal takes out his sword and put it on her neck she shakes little, she says my last wish that free my brothers from this arrest, they saved you in war also and it was my plan only mine they had no idea about it jalal is super angry and attacks with his sword.


Scene 3
jalal is about to attack on jodha but rukaiya comes in between and stops jalal by holding his sword she got wound and jodha is worried looking at her hand, jalal ask why you did that ruks says it is not mughals pride to higher your sword against women and that too innocent women jalal and jodha is stunned she says yes she didnt kill my son jalal says she accepted her crime now that she is the culprit ruks says she is lying now and i dont know the reason but what i am saying has the reason and i want to talk with you in private jodha leaves. Jalal ask if jodha is not culprit then who did this heinous crime

Scene 4
ruks says he is very close relative of you jalal ask to say it straight ruks says see this box first and shows him box he ask what is this she says it has dathura from which i lost my child killer mixed it in kesar came from amer and from where i got this box she is involved in this jalal ask who is she from where you got it ruks spill the beans that got it from salima sultana’s room jalal is shocked and ask you know whom you are talking about she was khan baba’s wife ruks interrupts and now your wife, i am not saying this without a reason, when you were on war i investigated everything then we see fb of that man who made this box, then ruks goes to salima as she had fever and ask about her health, salima says after bairam’s death nothing gives me pain, doctor ask for a box for medicine, she point to drawer, doctor goes to get it from drawer and takes out that box, doctor found the box with dhatura and hands it over to Ruks FB ends. Ruks couldnt believe that Salima did such an act. Jalal finds it very unbelievable to digest the fact that Salima can go to such a level. Ruks tells him that if there are no sons from his wives then Rahim will be the heir and Salima Mariyam zamani.

Scene 5
Jalal leaves, gets FB of Jodha confessing the crime, Jodha gets FB of Ruks and wonders why she saved her and if she knows about the real culprit. Jalal comes and asks her why did she lie to him and doesn’t give importance to him. Jodha retorts that he has been playing a game since the time she came from Amer and asks him can there be a bigger insult than a husband ordering a wife house arrest. Jalal is speechless.

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