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In Kindred Heart Update Saturday 19th October 2019 on zee world, Jia attempts to take cash from Binni yet Binni tosses all cash in dustbin and puts it ablaze.

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Arjun out of stun, rapidly extinguishes the fire with water and inquires as to whether Binni is rationally sick. Arjun frowns at Binni and is going to slap her yet Jia holds his hand. Arjun says she is insane.

Binni gets down and grins, she says I tricked all of you. Jia says why you do this? Binni says I like strain on your faces, I dont get assaults however give them. Arjun blows up on her however Jia pulls him back. Binni says you individuals are tricks, I will do what you do with me, on the off chance that you lift hand on me, at that point I will do it as well.

Jia comes to relax. Kaki and Chirag returns from mandir. Jia embraces her. Kaki asks what happened little girl? Jia says I like when you call me little girl, she thinks I cannot determine what happened today, I need to embrace her. Chirag thinks Jia is disturbed, did Arjun and Jia battle? or on the other hand Binni accomplished something? Kaki offers parsad to Jia. She goes to take rest.

Binni says wow Arjun pleasant words. Arjun says I wont save you.He hauls Binni to her room and requests that her change garments. Binni says this was simply trailer, I will render retribution for everything you both did, you are attempting to make connection with me yet appears you both will break your connection, presently get lost, leave, she tosses Arjun and Jia out of her room and closes entryway. Arjun is strained. He takes a gander at Jia, and says you hold tuning in to her, on the off chance that Kaki saw this, at that point she would be in stun, Binni is attempting to break us. Jia turns away.

Arjun and Jia comes in parlor and sees Kaki fallen on floor, Arjun hurries to her and asks how she fell? Jia sees wine on floor spilled. Binni is staying there alcoholic and drinking wine, she snickers. Jia and Arjun lifts Kaki. Kaki says we need to make Binni leave wine propensity.

Arjun says we should toss her out of house then she will leave all her negative behavior patterns, Chirag takes Kaki from that point. Binni thinks my arrangement got fruitful. Flashback demonstrates Binni came in parlor with wine and saw Kaki coming there, she got a thought and tossed wine on floor.. Kaki stepped on it and slipped, she fell and got injured.

Flashback closes. Binni snickers. Arjun says you are not embarrassed? Jia says she is tanked, its pointless to converse with her. Jia gets Binni and takes her to her room. Arjun thinks when I attempt to converse with Binni, Jia stops me, she intentionally tossed wine on floor to make Kaki fall however I state anything then Jia will get increasingly furious and Kaki is sick, I need to stop Binni some way or another.

Chirag says to Arjun that you arranged gathering of Jia for valentine’s day, you can hit the dance floor with her. Arjun says I cannot do salsa, I cannot learn it, Jia chuckled when she saw doing a stage, I simply need to make her grin with this gathering. Jia comes there and says I cannot see 5 lacs we need to provide for Patel uncle, I kept it in pack yet its not there. Arjun says we will discover it. Arjun and Jia goes to leave however Binni starts tossing cash on them from porch. She tosses pack at them.

Arjun says she made separation between us, we accomplished such a great deal for Binni, you attempted to cause her to comprehend with adoration, I reproved her as well however she doesnt comprehend, why you are quiet? Jia says I didnt realize you would lose unexpectedly early however express anything severely to me, you are as yet saying that Binni is doing this since I conversed with her with affection? we shouldnt talk, that would be incredible.. she is in tears and leave. Arjun is strained. Binni sees this.

Jia gets message from Arjun that I need to appease you, you have the majority of my breaths, I have arranged an astonishment for you, just me give one possibility. Jia grins yet messages him that keep your shock with you. Jia goes to leave however Arjun hauls her behind column and pins her there. Arjun says I can battle with you, be irate with you yet I cannot remain without conversing with you, for what reason would you say you are quiet? state something.

Arjunholds his ears and says would it be a good idea for me to contact your feet? Jia stops him and says its alright, she goes to leave yet Arjun pulls her closer and inquires as to whether she pardoned him? she gestures. Arjun says we ought to have fix up kiss. Jia becomes flushed. Arjun touches her face and inclines in yet they hear Kaki’s shout.

They turn and see Binni gets mixed up and shudders.. she is going to fall yet Arjun and Jia hurries to her. Arjun asks what was the deal? Jia says she appears to have fit of anxiety, Arjun requests to call specialist, Arjun lifts Binni and says nothing will transpire.

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