Kindred Heart Update sunday 20th October 2019 on zee world


In Kindred Heart Update sunday 20th October 2019 on zee world, Nisha orders ice too, Jia puts it near current wire, Nisha holds ice box and gets current.

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Jia says Nisha is taking advantage of Binni’s innocence and asked her to leave too. Nisha comes there and asks what they are talking about? Arjun says nothing. Nisha says make food and serve me, she leaves.

In morning, Arjun and Jia are cooking, Jia says we have to leave today, Arjun says I want to kill Nisha. Jia says we will try to do something before we leave. Nisha asks for drink. Jia brings it to her. Nisha how I got current? she touches ice box again and gets current, she faints.

Arjun have connected ice box with current, he smirks, Jia asks him to take her, they lift her and takes her from there. Arjun and Jia makes Nisha lie on bed. Jia says lets search for property papers.

Arjun and Jia hides and sees her reading it. Binni reads more about how Binni was miffed with Adi when Nisha was thrown out of house and then Adi had to call Nisha back even after the pain she had given to family but Nisha asked for property before coming back so Adi agreed because he wanted Binni to become fine. Binni gets angry reading it.

Arjun puts cold clothes on Binni’s head, Binni says thank you, she opens eyes and sees them, she says what are you both doing here? leave, my mom will come to take care of me. Binni sees Arjun’s diary there and asks what is this? Arjun says I found this box when I was cleaning.

Arjun smiles and leaves with Jia. Binni reads Adi’s diary, it talks about Adi’s birthday when his kids celebrated it with them, Binni reads about Adi’s allergy to dogs but he let dog be in house because Binni wanted it, she reads about how Adi got worried when Binni fell ill, Binni is emotional reading it.

Jia and Arjun take care of Bini when she is not well. She says thank you. She says why are you doing here. Go from here. I don’t need anyone,. My mom cares for me. She sees a suitcase.

Binni comes to Nisha and shows Adi’s diary to her. Binni says it says that you cameback home when I was ill on condition of getting property. Nisha thinks how she got Adi’s diary? Binni says to Nisha that I fell ill but you were busy in your thing, I have no value, its clear money, property and everything else is important than your own daughter, you are with me because I have this property, I thought my mom loved me but no one loves me. Nisha thinks Adi left and put me in trouble.

Jia and Arjun hides and hears all this. Binni says you want this property? its more important than me right? so take it, I will name property to you today. Nisha looks on. Binni leaves. 1ia says what if she gives her property? Arjun says then Binni will know Nisha was after property. Nisha says to Binni that I did all this for my daughter, I had to bear pain because of you and you are saying this? I should die, when my daughter is saying all this then I should die, she puts knife on her pulse, Binni runs to her.

Binni says what you mean? Nisha says you remember Jhanvi? she snatched everything from me, your father got in her trap, he left everything for her, he used to listen to her, he used to write in diary what Jhanvi wanted, he left me and then left kids too, now Jia and Arjun wants to separate you from me, I have been living alone for years but I cant now, I should die.

Binni runs to her and takes knife from her, Nisha acts like crying. Binni says I know now that Jhanvi did all that, I am so sorry for doubting you, I will never leave you alone.

Binni sees dress in box and says this is my childhood dress, she smiles and sees her doll too, she sees Arjun’s diary there. She says papa’s diary? she asks them to leave.

Nisha says I want this property but to save your future, I never wanted anything, I just wanted Adi and my daughters but I didnt get it, I thought I will get property and custody of my kids but I didnt have choice.


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