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In Kindred Hearts Update friday 11 October 2019 Zee World, Binni sees people playing holi, she says I should buy colors for Arjun and mom.

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In morning, One boy sees her and says let me apply color on her. He approaches her, she says move away from me. Arjun is in his room. Someone comes in. Its jia. She says I told you I would come. He says stay with me. She says i won the bet. Where is my bet? Nisha is looking for bini. Arjun comes close to jia Nisha knocks on the door. She comes in. Arjun and jia hide.

Some thugs annoy bini. A guy comes and hits them. He says stay away from her. The thugs run. Bini faints. Akash says are you okay? He picks her up. He says tell me your address I will drop you home. She faints.
Akash sees her bag and sees her address.

Arjun hugs Jia. She says happy holi. He says its my turn. He applies his face’s color on her face. They both dance and play holi. He applies colors on her and caresses her face.

Nisha comes there and says you will be in problem if she sees you both like this. SHe says bini where are you? Arjun says stop. Nisha says I will call her and tell her how much you love jia.

A guy brings Bini in. Jia says are you okay? Nisha says shut up. Arjun says call the doctor. the guy says i am a doctor. She had a panic attack. Don’t worry she is fine. He gives her injection. He says my name is Akash. Jia leaves. Bini opens his eyes. She recalls the guy saved her from the thugs. Bini says thank you. He says its okay and take care.

Nisha says bini I am coming. Nisha gives him a gift and says thank you. He says I am new in this city. Nisha syas you can stay here in our house. He says no no I am living in hotel. nisha says no please stay here. You did a favor on us.

Nisha comes to Arjun and says Jia saw our photos, did she like them. Arjun glares at her and says I will bring your truth out to Binni, he throws her out of room. Jia calls Arjun, Arjun says I cannot bear this woman, I know you are miffed, please dont be angry. Jia says we are giving test of love, we will not be sad. Jia says what are you doing? Arjun says looking at your photo. Jia says we will meet tomorrow in holi and apply color to each other.

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