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Kindred Hearts Update Friday 1st November 2019 on Zee World, Jia says ma why do you want all this to continue? Ambika says give me keys.

Arjun says I don’t know what to do. My hands are tied. Jia sees the painting. she says rano draws things in her book. We can find a clue. Arjun says yes she hides that book. Aksh says I gave that book back to her. But I stole it from her. He says but I wont tell. Jia and Arjun tickle him and say tell us. They come to store. He says I am tkaing it out.

Akash takes out the book. She says this is what she drew. she wanted to kill me. The page is torn. Akash says you saw the last page. Do you remember what wwas on it? Jia says I am trying to recall. The paper fell in the living room. It might have the clue. Akahs says but it might not be there. She says maybe its under furniture. Lets look for it.

They come downstairs and look for paper. Akash says we have to find it at any cost. Jia sees the paper in aquarium. They try to take it out. Jia takes the paper out. Its all torn. Arjun says we lost it. Arjun says couldn’t find it. Rano says couldn’t you find? Jia says the nail paint you wanted. We have done all that you asked for. Rano says are you lying, Jia says we don’t lie like you. They leave. Rano says I will ruin your life. She comes to room and marks a cross on Ambika’s face. She says I have your secret and remote control. What about these three? When they get to know it they will be shocked. She takes out her gun.

Jia comes to Arjun she says you called me? She hugs him. Its a dummy. Rano says looking for Arjun? Here is arti. What about the secret? Jia says what secret. Jia takes the arti. she faints. Rano says one by one I will ruin your lives.

Ambika Arjun and Akash come in. they see many dummies. Arjun says where is Jia? She says there she is. They say what? She says one of these sculptors have Jia. you have to find out in one minute. Can you find out? Arjun says are you crazy? She says when you choose on the other would blast. Arjun says are you crazy. She says I waited for you all this year. Time is running out of hands. Akash says they are both alike.

Rano says to Ambika the key is in the same sculptor. you secret would blast too. Arjun says what secret? Arjun says Rano I beg you don’t do this please. Rano says time is up. She blasts a sculptor. Ji comes in. Arjun says how did you come out? She says i was out. He says you were in sculptor. She says what are you saying. Rano laughs and says it was all a joke. She took Jia out when she fainted and brought the sculptors in.

Arjun says don’t do this. How dare you. Rano says what was my mistake? i only loved you. I waited for you all these years. I loved ma and waited for you. But you came back with this Jia? This all happened because of Jia. you all have done wrong with me. Jia says you are responsiible for what happened to you. Ma was always nice to you stop it. She says stay away. She clenches the chains and it hurts ambika.

Everyone asks Rano to leave Ambika. Ambika shoves Arjun and says don’t hurt Rano. Ambika says if she wants to tie my hands she can do that. everyone is dazed. ambika says she has my permission. Arjun says what has happened ma. Akash says she is blackmailing ma. He says I will teach you a lesson. Ambika puts a knife on her hand and says don’t dare harming her. Akash says please tell us what it is. Ambika says do as i say no one will ask me questions. Rano says well done mai.

I will rule this house now. She says Jia will do my manicure and pedicure. Ambika says go and doe it.Am mai mop he whole house. Ambika says I will do that. Akahs says ma why are you doing this. Akash says we wont do anything. rano says mai ask them to do as I say. You are diabateic right? I will make you eat it. She forces ambika to eat sweets. Jia says are you crazy. We will do what you ask don’t do this. Rano says Akash bring water for mai. He brings water.

Jia does her pedicure. Ambika mops. Arjun decorates her room and Akash cooks for her. Ambika cleans the stairs. She is tired.
Akash gives Rano soup. She throws it on his face. She says I asked for juice not soup. Aksh says how dare you. Jia says akash please. He looks at Ambika cleaning the floor. Rano says now everyone will stay in limits. Ambika falls sick. Ambika says just do what she asks. Akash says rano has to tell why is ma being blackmailed. Jia says don’t aggravte the situation. He says I don’t know what to do. Jia says there is a way.

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