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Kindred Hearts Update Monday 14th October 2019 on Zee World starts as Arjun in solitude, says in heart I will get cash and It will be simple for me to get Nisha on my palms.

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Arjun is making tea. Jia comes there. Arjun says what are you doing here. She says you are getting a ton of cash right? I have an idea for you of 5 lacs. He says I won’t murder anybody. Jia says you need to capture somebody.

Arjun comes outside Nisha’s home. He looks in and sees Tamra accomplishing something. Nisha comes towards the window. Samar says what is this?? Is spooky themed party?

He says who? Jia says Samar. Jia’s hand contacts the sauce dish. Arjun holds her hand and says did it consume? Is it true that you are alright? Jia says I am fine. Arjun says I overlooked that you are a witch and you don’t get scorched.

Nisha says she is a phantom and no one but I can see her. Tamra says she should arrive in a human’s body. At the point when the human blacks out I will control Jhanvi’s spirit inside her. Nisha says this evening’s gathering will your goodbye party Jhanvi. Escape my life. Rest of everything will be simple.

Nisha says place that statue directly here in the focal point of the lobby. Arjun says what is happening here. Samar says would you say you are distraught? our renowned visitors would be here in gathering.

Nisha says so what? She will get that phantom and this is the most obvious opportunity. I won’t need to see her once more. Samar says incredible. Nisha says I need to send Kaki mama and chini greeting for this gathering. Samar says in heart the one she considers Jhanvi’s apparition is a human.

Its Jia. Samar strolls and slips. Nisha puts her foot on his cheat and says don’t set out coming in my manner. I won’t pause for a minute to get you out of my way. She leaves. Samar says I have been enduring your odd conduct for a very long time. You don’t treat me like a human. I will get Jhanvi this time and won’t let you hurt her.

Simply pause and watch. Arjun says to Jia are yyou a phantom? She says take more cash however please seize Samar. He says no I won’t do this. I will tell Nisha. SHe puts a tissue on his mouth to black out him. He blacks out and Jia brings him some place. Jia says you figured you could swindle me. Nisha says to Kaki mama available to come back to work I have gotten Adi’s statue made.

Nisha calls his hooligans and says you need to slaughter a man today around evening time. Its my better half Samar. The gathering begins. Nisha says to Tamra is the phantom here? Tamra says you should be quiet. Nisha takes the drinnk. She calls his man and says I sent you the photograph of the individual to be murdered. By what method will I remember you? She leaves her beverage.

He composes a letter to Nisha, Jia and your Samar are both exploiting your honesty and need to murder you. He tosses the letter towards the man. He picks and understands it. Samar hooligans are there too camouflaged as servers. He gives them a beverage, to provide for Nisha later.

I needed to apologize for every one of my transgressions. I figured you ought to do the introduction. Would it be advisable for me to send driver? kaki says we will come ourselves. Nisha says sharp at nine. Samar is heading off to some place. Nisha says stop. There is party in night adn you are not prepared yeet. he says I will be.

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