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In Kindred Hearts Update monday 21st October 2019 on zee world, Jia sits down with Arjun and says Rano is not what she looks like.

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Bini is jogging. She sees flowers on her car. Akash comes there. She walks past. He says bini please forgive me. I beg you. She takes the flowers and throws them away. she kicks the flowers.

Arjun comes and sees Jia. He is dazed. He wakes her up. She says i don’t know how I slept. Where are my laddos that I made all night? Rano says you slept. I completed your count. Arjun saays you can’t help your competitor. Rano says I want her to win. Jia says I can’t lie to ma. Rano ssyas its okay. Ambika comes and says are the laddos made? Rano says they are ready. Ambika tastes laddos of both of them.

Ambika says I thought you would do your task honestly. Rano made these lados. rano says I wanted her to win the first one. Ambika says are you crazy,, She is fooling you. Jia says ma I wanted to tell you. She says you have no honesty. I can’t believe you chose this way. Arjun says ma Jia.. Ambika says you shut up. Ambika says Rano won this task.

Bini stands near mud. She says my ring fell in the mud can you find it? He looks for it in the mud. Kids shove ball and he falls in the mud. Bini laughs. She asked them to do this.

Arjun laughs. Jia says why are you laughing. He says Rano.. She can’t do all this. She is very stupid. She cant even kill an insect. She is over worried for you. Rano brings a bag and says Jia jiji are you okay? I am left my room you can live there. Arjun says don’t do all this. Rano says I live in this house I can stay anywhere. Even in outhouse Jia can stay here. Arjun says then you can live in my room and I am the one who will live in outhouse. He takes her bag back.

Akash says for you I maybe mud but for me you are everything. she throws the ring. Aksh says you can’t throw that ring here. He tries to find it but leaves. Akash comes after bini and says please listen. I will fix our relationship.

Ambika asks everyone to come downstairs. She says these are the craddles. One is for Jia and one is for Jia. Whoever wins every day I will put shagun jewelry in her craddle. At the end of 30 days I will choose whoever has heavier of it.

Jia and Rano sit down to make laddus. Rano makes them easily. Jia is worried. Jia sees that Rano has made a lot but she just made one. She says I can’t give up like this. I have to get them ready by the morning. Jia uses mosquito repellent and faints.

Arjun says to Ambiak where is Akash? She says I haven’t seen him either.
Akash serves everything to Bini. He says made everything pasta cake. Bini sspits it and says its uncooked. She throws it on his face and leaves. Arjun keeps running after Bini and doing her errands. He becomes her driver. She insults him. Bini syas I am bored dance for me. He dances people laugh. Bini is leaving. Akash says tire is punctured. He says I will get it fixed.

Rano calls Bini she says is Akash with you.. But he can’t come there, Mai asked him never to see your face again. Akash arranges another car for Bini she leaves. Akash comes home. Ambika says where were you? Lights turn off. Someone plays Akash’s video.

Video plays in which Akash was Bini’s servant. Ambika says do you have any shame? You have ruined our family’s image. Both of my sons are into these stupid girls. She says to Jia you are responsible for all this. Jia says I have nothing to do with this. Akash is not a child. she says if you can’t respect yourself Bini can never respect you.

How can you do this. Self respect is important too. If you do all this you bring shame to your family. Say sorry to Ma. Akash says you are right. He says ma please forgive me. Ambika says its okay. Just be careful next time. Ambika says to Jia I saw a quality in your first time. Thank God there are some family value in your. Jia touches her feet and winks and Rano. Ambika goes to her room.

You fooled me. You knew I loved you and you took advantage of it. Your mom insulted me and you were just standing there. Can you fix all this? No. My mind is fixed now. I don’t love you anymore. I hate you. she leaves.

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