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Kindred Hearts Update Monday 7th October 2019 on Zee World Chirag brings Jia to lounge and shows her bomb on Kaki’s chair and Jia says so much happened and I didnt know, I have to help Arjun.

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Chirag says Arjun has gone to catch Jhumki, dont worry, you are not well, you should rest, I have to take care of you. He makes her sit down. Jhumki looks around den and says Jia? Arjun hides with Binni and asks her to hide.Jhumki says Jia you want to play hide and seek with me? if you wear these handcuffs only then you can save your Kaki maa.

Jhumki takes gun and says Arjun is here too? She says come out otherwise I will press button on remote and your Kaki will be dead. Arjun and Binni hides. Arjun says we have to get this remote at any cost. Jhumki starts counting till ten.

Chirag comes to Jia, Jia tries to get up from bed and says where is everyone? Chirag says all are in lounge, Arjun dont want you to move so stay here. Jia says tell me what happened otherwise I will get up. Chirag says no let me tell you.

Binni tries to move away from Jhumki but Jhumki says dont try to run, I have to tie you with this handcuffs. Arjun comes behind Jhumki. Jhumki turns to catch him but he hides, Binni runs and hides too.

Jhumki hides. Binni looks around and thinks where is Jhumki? Jhumki comes behind her and points gun at her, she says caught you, come with me. Arjun comes there and hits gun with stick, Binni and Arjun runs.

Arjun and Binni comes to site where Jhumki called them. Binni is dressed as Jia. Arjun asks if she really wanna do this? its dangerous. Binni says I want to do this, Arjun says I will be in touch with you, you go inside.

Binni comes to Jhumki’s den. Jhumki has back to her and says come Jia, I was waiting for you. She turns to her but Arjun switches off lights there so Jhumki cant see her face.

Chirag sees timer on bomb and says only 20minutes are remaining, he says what to do? how to save Kaki. I cant tell Jia. Kaki says I am worried. Chirag says we will save you, dont worry. Jia calls out for Arjun, Chirag goes on to check.

At den, Jhumki says to Binni that who can bring darkness in my life? she takes out gun and says no one has guts. She switches on another light. Binni turns to leave but Jhumki points gun at her and says dont try to run, Binni thinks where is Arjun.

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