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Jia in Kindred Hearts Update thursday 12th October 2019 Zee World, expects to take Baba Home which Baba said no to, yet on track to do that, Jia hears moving toward stride and goes covering up.

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Arjun shows up being the methodology stride, all spruced up and Jia on the concealing corner meanders of why Arjun is spruced up. She says in her concealing corner, if Arjun didnt come as of now, I would have taken Baba with me, I need to leave now.

Arjun says I came to take my garments. Jia thinks it implies they are altogether included. Nisha asks Samar enough, she asks Arjun to take garments and leave.

Nisha says dont comprehend what’s going on. Samar says how might I get bolted and you as well, perhaps like Adi, there would someone say someone is will comparable face like Jhanvi? Nisha hurries to Arjun’s arms and shouts.

Arjunsays I am here. Samar says Nisha would you say you are alright? she moves from Arjun and says yes. Samar hauls Arjun to parlor and shows baba dozing on couch. Samar says you needed to abduct this oldie? you secured me room as well?

Chinni says I cannot accept that Arjun is with Nisha and being associated with this arrangement? Jia says I know Arjun doesnt have ethics however he was looking like Adi when he was spruced up as Adi, dont stress, we will make sense of something, I will bring baba here soon, Kaki says no, in the event that you bring him here, at that point Nisha will question us first, she will get suspicious of you as well, we need to make next stride subsequent to deduction, Jia says you are correct, we must be cautious.

Arjun is at his home. He longs for getting more cash from Nisha. Babblu comes there and says dont dream, go for prospective employee meeting, dont trust these rich individuals. Arjun says my activity wont change. Babblu says you may do botch. Arjun says I am getting cash, I feel like they are upto something, I will get tenacious to them and we will have strong future, he reviews how Nisha embraced him and grins.

Jia says goodness God my migraine. Kaki says you have migraine from havan’s smoke? Jia says I dont have faith in God however after this, I feel like God is there to direct yet this smoke makes my head turn. Chinni believes tobacco’s smoke doesnt do anything. Kaki says we must be cautious about Nisha and plan in like manner. Kaki says you should rest, Jia says I am fine, dont stress over me, she embraces her.

Nisha says no I cannot carry on with a frightened life, I need to tackle this. Samar says I cannot trust you are having faith in phantoms, apparitions dont wear anklets. Nisha says precisely, perhaps that apparition is attempting to give a message through that anklet or possibly its Kaki and Chinni’s arrangement, similar to they have Jhanvi’s doppelganger, we have Adi’s carbon copy so perhaps they have Jhanvi’s clone, this evening we will discover everything out.

Nisha says to Samar that when Jhanvi came here, she expressed these words, she composes it ready and says last time we both got secured room. Samar says I cannot trust you are making introduction of this, we can go to an excursion, away from this.

Jia says to baba that I have come to take you home. Baba says no you are not Jhanvi, Nisha more likely than not sent you. Jia cries and says no I am Jhanvi, given me a chance to take you home then I will disclose everything to you. Baba jumps in agony, Jia takes him from that point.

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