Kindred Hearts Update Saturday 5th October 2019 Zee World, Chirag keep Binni away and Arjun starts looking through her cabinet, he starts tossing her things, Jia asks Arjun to quiet down, Arjun says I cant, we’ve got to stop her.

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She brings them out of her room and says you both are battling like children then how I can expect Binni to change? She asks Arjun to control his indignation, you dont tune in to Jia, she is harmed yet considering family and you are accusing her? she generally needs useful for family and you are accusing her? she is doing everything to change Binni, you fouled up with Jia and Binni.

Arjun says to family that I saw Binni ingesting medications, accompany me. He goes to her room and starts tossing things, he discovers medicates under her sleeping cushion and shows it to family. Jia requests that he not yell at her, Arjun says you dont care enough and are futile, Jia is harmed hearing it. Kaki asks Arjun and Jia to quit battling.

Arjun takes off bedding and discovers medicates under it, he says she blended this white powder in parsad, she ingests medications.

Kaki says somebody blended something in parsad. Jia says it was that white powder, I was bringing it however I lost it. Arjun says what white powder? he believes is Binni’s cocaine and yells at Binni that won’t stop her shenanigans? Binni says I didnt even touch parsad, I didnt do anything. She goes to leave however Arjun checks her face. Jia asks what he is doing? Arjun says she ingests medications, all are shocked, she more likely than not blended it in parsad. Jia says no Binni didnt blend anything in parsad, she asks Binni to leave, she does. Jia says Jhumki was here and she blended toxic substance in parsad and you are reprimanding Binni.

Arjun says she ingests medications, I got her. Jia says we must be quiet and cherishing with her, Arjun says you are agreeing with Binni’s stance. Jia says you think I am ruining Binni? Kaki asks Arjun to stop it. Arjun says I am telling truth, go to Binni’s room on the off chance that you dont trust me.

Arjun gets angry on her but jia pulls him back. Binni says you people are fools, I will do what you do with me, if you raise hand on me then I will do it too. Arjun goes and locks himself in room. jia knocks on door. Arjun says you keep taking her side, when I try to say anything to Binni, you stop me. Arjun says to jia that if she drinks and takes drugs here, she is playing with her emotions, I got so worried that she had attack and she was doing drama? jia says I know you love her, you are not wrong but you do other way round, Arjun says she is doing drugs and wine here then whats the use of keeping her here? we shouldnt have brought Binni here. jia says but.. Arjun asks her to just leave. They are both hurt as jia leaves.

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