In Kindred hearts Update Thursday 10 October 2019 on Zee World, Jia says do you have any shame you killed your family members for this property and and now you will kill Bini too.

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She says I have no regrets of killing Chini, babasa, adi or jhanvi. I killed them all. And now I will kill you two. Nisha says enough. He tells her bini is listening everything. Nisha says I will kill you both now. Bini comes and shoves Nisha.

Her gun falls. Arjun picks it. Nisha says bini listen. Jia says shut up don’t fool her. Nisha says give me a chance. bini says what chance. She says I had a small family then Jhanvi came to my life and took everything from me. I wanted my family back. Thats why I did all this.

I became crazy in all this. Arjun says she is lying. She doesn’t care about anyone. She will kill you once she has the property.

Bini takes the gun from Arjun adn points at Nisha. Jia says Bini calm down. Nisha says what are you doing I am your mom. Bini points the gun at Arjun and jia. They are dazed. She says you made my mom that way. Because of you my mom went away from me. You did all this as Jhanvi. You came back to ruin our life again.

Jia says to Arjun we have to stop her. Nisha says stop it. You are important to me. You want to accuse me of all that? I will slit my wrist because I don’t want a life like that. Bini says stop. Nisha says no I should die. I want property but for you future. To make your future secure. I only wanted Adi in life but jhanvi took him from me.

Do you remmeber she took your dad from us. Arjun says we have to stop her. Nisha says I can’t. Nisha says she took my husband and kids from me. Jia wants to do the same in this life. Bini hugs her and says I am sorry. I don’t have anyone else but you. Jhanvi did all this. I love you I am sorry.

Nisha says she is here because I will get my property and money through her. Once she gives me money no one matters to me. This is all drama. I am doing this mothercare drama.

Jia says Arjun Nisha is using her innocence. She took property papers. Nisha come sand says what are you two talking about? Jia says preparing for the festival.. Nisha says shut up and make me food. Nisha and Jia give Nisha food. A wire falls on the pan. Nisha touches it and gets a shock. Arjun comes and says I did it. SHe faints. Jia and Arjun take her to her room.

Nisha hits a knife towards Jhanvi. Nisha says Bini come downstairs. Bini says mom help me. Nisha says I will kill you both in a moment. Bini comes downstairs. Nisha points gun at Jia. Arjun says please let her go I will what you as. Nisha says I will ake you do anything. this game is fun.

Arjun says don’t you even care about Bini? She says no I don’t. Nisha says yes I don’t care about bini at all. I have nothing to do with her. bini listens. she hides behind pillar.

This Jia she took all my family from me in last life. Jia says I feel pity for you. You have no shame. You can never love anyone. Not even your kids. Your killed babasa and chini. I have my whoole family and you are alone. Nihsa says they had to die. I will write new history today. I killed you both before and now I will kill you again.

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