In Kindred Hearts Update Tuesday 15th October 2019 Zee World, Nisha says silent, you are my mother so you have to think positive things about me, Nisha says Nisha Jindal is coming back Jindal family.

Baba says to Jhanvi that cant you see Adi’s condition? will you remain silent? Jhanvi says this is not right time to think that, Baba says this is right time, Adi is breaking, kids are in pain, Adi needs your love, he is lonely, he needs partner like you in life.

Adi says to Kaki that I dont understand how to handle kids, please help me. Jhanvi is there and hears too. Kaki asks Adi to not lose hope, Adi says dont know what Nisha told kids, they are hating me and not even looking at me, I cant bear their hatred.

Adi says to Kaki that how to tell kids that their mother s selfish, I am ready to give them love of both parents but they wont accept anyone else, he leaves. Baba says to Jhanvi that see kids need you, Adi wants a life partner. Jhanvi thinks I have to find solution to pacify kids.

Nisha is looking at her phone and says why Adi is not calling me? I am sure after today’s incident, kids wont be even eating food, Adi should have called me till now to ask for help to pacify kids, why is not calling?

Jhanvi comes to kids with Adi, she says to kids that we are against Adi, we will party after Adi leaves. We will eat food and not give him, Adi wears waiter dress and tries to serve them but Jhanvi says they are in my team. Jhanvi offers food to kids and ask them to eat, Chinni and Binni takes food and starts eating.

Jhanvi says to kids that your papa is not bad, he was like you but his mother left him and he got sad, he wont eat anything then he fell ill, everyone got worried for him then he realized that everyone cares for him and how his mother told him to care for others then he promised himself to never leave food, he would be good boy.

Adi comes in lounge, he wipes his tears. Jhanvi comes there, Adi holds her hands in his, Adi says to Jhanvi that if you were not here today then dont know what would have happened, what you did today is irreplaceable, I dont know how to thank you, my kids are everything to me, seeing them in agony me makes me want to kill myself instead of seeing their hatred.

Jhanvi puts her finger on his lips to stop him from talking about his death, Jhanvi is lost in his eyes, Jhanvi makes Adi sit and feeds food to him with her hands, Ae dil hai mushkil plays.

Adi looks at Jhanvi, she smiles at him. Chinni says to Jhanvi that you are older then why you are in our team? Jhanvi says I look elder but my heart is like kids, I like soft toys, ice cream and everything like you.

Nisha is packing her stuff, her mother asks why are you packing? Nisha says I am going to my house, my kids are waiting for me, I am wearing new saree too. Mother says their family wont allow you?

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