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Kindred Hearts Wednesday Update 18th September 2019 begins as Nisha lists everyone’s favourite food but Kaki seems to be absent cause she’s sick.

Nisha remembers asking about the poison. Jia says you made such good food you should eat it before anyone. Chini told me garlic bread is your favorite. Nisha says this garlic bread is made for you. Jia says don’t say no to your fav dish. Arjun says eat why are you not eating. let me make you eat. He offers her bread.
Babasa says I want it, Arjun gives it to him. Nisha says no he shouldn’t eat. She says arjun are you mad. Baba sa can’t eat garlic bread. He should eat lighter stuff. Arjun says doesn’t matter once in a blue moon. Jia says babasa won’t eat it.

have you mixed poison in it? Arjun says are you mad? Why you always accuse. Jia ssays why is she not eating it then?
Jia says eat it if there is nothing. If there is something then confess your crime. She eats it and says I make such good bread.
Arjun says are you happpy now? I know you are only here to blame people. Nisha says now you may enjoy your food. she leaves.
Arjun says you are such a devil person. He says to chini you only blame people. You only ruin people’s mood, Chini stop trusting her. Chini says I don’t know when will you understand the truth. Nisha comes to her room. She is scared. She says I almost dodged them. Arjun knocks on the door and says nisha come out. Nisha says I am too upset to come out. He says I can understand. Nisha says I am so unlucky. I always try to do good for this family and this happens. I was so happy chini and kaki ma are here. They hate me beacuse of Jiaa. Arjun says dont’ worry they will accept you. Nisha says I tried so hard. Arjun says its all my mistake. I promised babasa. I didn’t know bringing them here would do this. Let me talk to kaki ma. Nisha says Jia is the problem.

She came between us in last life. I don’t wanna lose you. He says why would you lose me? I will show this Jia’s real face to everyone. Nisha says the property that you should have, babasa will give it to her. We havee to be very careful. Jia is very clever. Arjun says what should I do? Nisha says get baba’s signature on the property papers. Arjun says baba sa will sign today. Jia says I am sure nisha mixed something. She wanted me to eat it. Chini says I know. We are in her house at the moment. She is very clever. Jia says she is provoking arjun against us. Jia says what drama happened at lunch, nisha will do something after it. I don’t know whats next. Nisha texts Arjun and says we should get the signatures tonight. He goes to babasa’s room. Nisha says once he gets signature I will kill these three. Arjun says baba sa please sign these papers. Babasa call Jia. I will only sign it then.
Arjun says you will take her permission? I am your son. she killed me. You will trust her? Baba sa says you are not adi. Call jhanvi. He breaks a vase.

Jia comes there. She says i heard some noise here. Nisha says go and do your work. Babasa says call jhanvi. Jia knocks on the door and says open the door babasa I am here.
Arjun says jhanvi wants to take this property and ruin us. Jia says babasa open the door. Nisha says this is my house. Jia says this is muy family.
Arjun says you don’t trust me. Kill me. You trust that murderer Jahnvi. SHe took my family from me. Chini comes as well. Chini says kaki is not well.
Arjun says choose adi or jhanvi. Who you love more? Babasa says I love adi. I will sign.
He takes the papers. jia says adi thats your baba sa. Please open the door. Please think before you do anything. Please open the door. Arjun for your babasa. Chirag comes to Jia and asks what happened to you? She says calm down, I am fine. Arjun brings goons there and beats goons, all come there. Arjun beats them badly and this is for playing with Jia’s respect, say sorry to her. Goons say sorry to Arjun. Arjun sadly looks at Jia. One goons attacks and starts beating Arjun. Jia runs to Arjun but other goons holds her back, Nisha smirks seeing Arjun gettign beaten. Jia asks goons to stop beating him. Goon says to Jia that we didnt get money because of you, I wont spare you. Arjun attacks him and starts beating goons, he attacks them constantly, goons runaway. Arjun turns to Jia and asks if she is fine? she glares at him and leaves from there.

Priya says to Arjun that you are injured, I have to dress your wounds, come with me. Arjun sadly leaves with her. Nisha sees all that from far.
Arjun is sleeping in his room. Jia comes there and sadly looks at him.. Mein tainu samjhanwa ki plays.. she is in tears looking at him, she recalls their moments together, her confession of love. Jia thinks that Arjun doesnt deserve my tears and love then why I am feeling his pain? why I am crying for a person who doesnt care about me, I dont love Arjun, I am just here for humanity because he lives in this house, she glances at him once, wipes her tears and leaves.

In morning, Priya brings medicine for Arjun but Nisha comes there and holds Arjun’s hand, Arjun wakes up. Nisha says aww Arjun you poor thing, you did all that to make Jia believe? family knows your reality, you cant get property now, she smirks. Arjun says dont forget you are in this house because of me and you wont stay here for many days, I did this for property but playing with woman’s respect is against my religion, I did a mistake, I wont be able to forgive myself. Nisha says why you are worried for Jia? who she is to you? she is our enemy. Arjun says that all is one thing but woman is Laxshmi, her respect should never be tarnished, you are a woman and saying all this? Nisha says my eyes are on property only, I dont care about Jia, she can die if she wants, I feel like bringing that Shaikh back and give Jia to her so we get rid of her. Arjun gets angry, he drags Jia. He brings her to lounge and starts throwing her out of house, Jia looks on. Nisha says you stayed here because of me and throwing me out. Arjun says yes I was with you but its time to be with truth, this property was never yours. Nisha says you were with me for property only. Arjun says yes I was with you for property but I can do anything, I can do any antic but I cant play with woman’s respect, now you know why Chinni doesnt call you mother? Nisha says shut up, you are not of my level. Arjun says I have to stoop low to come to your level, you are a woman and you are talking about another woman like that? Jia sees all that and rolls her eyes, she says this must be their new drama. Chirag comes there and says whats happening with my mom. Priya stops him and says let it happen for your mother’s benefit. Nisha says to Arjun that you are on Baba’s side now for property only. Arjun says I swear on God that I dont have any bad intention this time, I am with Baba now. Arjun asks her to get lost. Nisha says I will bring your truth out to everyone. Arjun pushes her and says get lost from here. Priya drags Chirag away from there to his room.

Nisha says to Arjun that this family thinks you are their own but I will let them see that you are fake and you didnt get your memory ever, she leaves from house. Arjun sees Jia, Baba and Chinni on breakfast table, all avoid him. Arjun says I did a big mistake. Jia ignores him and says Baba I will make halwa for you. Arjun says Jia I didnt want to hurt you, I didnt know that those goons were selling you.. I just wanted Jia to be away from house for 15 days so I can pacify Chinni and Baba to give property to Nisha and I am her husband so I would get half of the property and Jia had to bear so much because of that. Baba turns to leave. Arjun says to Baba that I am ashamed of myself, goons cheated me, I just wanted her to be away for 15 days, I did a mistake, I know I should not be forgiven.. he folds his hands and says I am sorry, Jia you can beat me, you can punish me, you can call police too, I am really ashamed, please forgive me.. Baba and Chinni leaves from there. Jia says Arjun I have taken the decision, I did a mistake too by trusting you, it was biggest mistake and I dont want to make fool of myself again by talking to you. She walks away. Arjun is sad. Jia is sadly sitting in her room and smoking. Chinni comes there and says Kaki called, she is in Shedi.. you smoke when you are tensed, dont be stressed, dont think about Arjun. Jia says who says I am thinking about Arjun. Chinni says I told Kaki everything about what happened between Arjun and goons, Arjun really wants to repents, we should give him a chance, maybe he will become nice man. Jia says I cant trust him again.

Chinni says if Arjun didnt realize his mistake then he wouldnt have thrown Nisha out of house, now Nisha is not here so we can make him nice person, its just about giving him a chance. Jia says maybe sending Nisha out of house is their trick again. Chinni says and maybe he really repents his mistake, I remember Adi papa seeing Arjun, I think Adi would never let anything bad happen to a woman, I think we can give a chance to Arjun. Jia thinks about it. Chinni calls Kaki and says comeback soon, Nisha is gone from house, we are happy here. Baba says Kaki, Chinni and Jia are with me, I am so happy, we should arrange a party. Kaki says Baba have showed desire after so much time,it will take time for me to comeback, Chinni and Jia can prepare for party, she says to Chinni that diary is in my cupboard, she ends call.
Baba and Chinni are playing luddo. Arjun comes there and says I am sorry, I heard about party, can I arrange this party? give me once chance Baba. Baba glares at him. Chinni nods. Baba says fine but this will be your last chance. Arjun thanks him. Jia comes there and says Arjun its time for you to celebrate too. Jia says to Arjun that Chinni have decided to give all property to you, we have our family together, we dont need anything, no big houses or money and for whom this is all happening, its not important to us. She gives property papers to Arjun. Arjun looks at them and takes it. Jia thinks that this Arjun’s test, if he really repents his mistake or he is behind money even now, he is getting everything from this family,if he accepts these papers then he didnt change.

The song Aey zindagi plays. Jia recalls her moments with Arjun. She recalls Arjun saying I love you. She recalls other things he has done as well. She throws away the player. Arjun comes in. She says why do you have to interfere. He says you are mad at me. Why are you being angry at your memory. She steps on the broke glass and injures her foot. Arjun holds her. She says leave me. Jia says I slipped that I thought you have Adi’s qualities in you. I didn’t know you are such a worst human. And I loved such a man.. I can’t love a man who can’t respect women. He says please listen.

Jia says please go from here. Arjun recalls when jia slapped him and said you got me kidnapped for money and were gonna sell me off. He leaves. jia locks the door. She recalls when Arjun hit the thugs. Arjun says I did so wrong obviously she would be hurt. How do I tell her I didn’t want to hurt her. Those stupid people.
I look like majnu. I can’t see jia like this. I hope she accepts my apology. Babasa and chini have forgiven me already. I should try once again.

Arjun knocks again. jia thinks its Chini. She is in bathrobe. She opens the door and slaps Arjun. She says why are you here at this hour. He says I just want to apologize. I broke your heart. I misused your love and trust. I am sorry. I wont blame anyone since its my mistake. She says go from here don’t disturb me. He leaves.
Arjun says what should I do now?
Arjun recalls his moments with Jia. He says am I in love? With that Jia? no no what am I saying. I can’t love that london madam. He says I am such an idiot. A girl loved me. I changed her love into hatred and now started loving her. He smiles. The song dil diya gallan plays in background.

Jia says why do I feel so agitated. I should eat ice cream. She eats ice cream but doesn’t feel good. She throws it. Arjun catches it. He holds his ears. jia looks in other direction. jia says why am I thinking about you.. He caresses her face and kisses her forehead. Jia is dreaming. She sees him everywhere.
Arjun imagines hugging her and says sorry Jia. I have really hurt you. I did so wrong for property and now I can’t make up with a girl. Please forgive me once. Priya overhears. Priya comes in and says why do you care about jia? He says I did so wrong. I played with her dignity. she says imagine what will happen when they know that you are not Adi. You don’t have any memory back. They will hate you forever. The day your truth is exposed you wont have any space in this house. Arjun is dazed. He says go sleep its late. She leaves. priya says think about jia. After party tomorrow everyone will hate you here and kick you out of this. I will be the only one you will be left with.
Ajrun says before jia gets to know from someone else I should tell her. After that I will confess my love.

Arjun comes outside Jia’s room. He says I should tell her. Then its upto her if she forgives or not. Jia is on her bed thinking. Arjun looks at her. She takes her tea. it spills on her leg. Arjun says careful. She looks at him angrily and shuts the door. Arjun says she doesn’t even wanna see my face. How do I tell her. Chini says what happened? He says I want to tell jia something. She says what is it? he says i will tell jia first. She isn’t talking to me. I did so wrong. She says yes that you did. He shows her photo and says you have an old connection with her. She thinks about you all the time.

Chinni says to Baba that Arjun is not eating anything because he is tensed and Jia is eating too much because she is tensed, they both have something in heart to share and I think they should share what they want to say to each other, but how? Baba says I have a plan. Chirag says my mom did a mistake but I want to be part of this family. Chinni says your mom did too many mistakes. Baba says this family is happy so we wont fight, Chirag is your brother so if he wants to be with family then let him be. Chirag says yes I want to help Jia and Arjun. Baba tells them a plan.

Chinni brings a heavy dress to Jia and says you should wear it in party, Jia says but its too heavy, Chinni pleads her and says please wear it for me, Jia agrees.

Chirag helps Arjun to get ready for party, Arjun dresses up nicely. Chinni comes there and gifts him watch, he asks whats special today? Chinni says you will propose Jia in party infront of everyone. Arjun says have you gone mad, I wont do it. Chinni says you cant hide truth or true love, so you should confess love to Jia, Arjun says but she is miffed, Chinni says she will be pacified once you tell her about your love. Chinni says I feel you are like my papa, you have connection with Jia from last birth. Arjun says what if we leave last birth angle, Chirag says you love Jia right? Arjun blushes and thinks that I will confess my love to Jia, I will tell her truth, I will tell her that I never got my memory and I wont lie to her ever, she changed my whole personality, Chinni leaves. Priya comes there. Chirag says to Arjun that you have to propose Jia in style. Priya gets jealous hearing it and leaves.

Chinni makes Jia get ready, she does her makeup. Jia says this party is not for me so why make me ready so much? Chinni says we are celebrating so you should dress up nicely, you will glow in party, you are looking so pretty. Jia smiles.

Arjun and Chirag are in party. Baba tucks rose in Arjun’s pocket and wishes him luck. Chirag and Baba leaves. Arjun is tensed. Chinni asks him to relax, nothing will happen, she points at stairs. Arjun turns and is mesmerized to see Jia coming in party in red ball gown, he is blown away by her beauty, she sees him staring at her and gets lost in his eyes too, Chinni silently leaves them. Arjun smiles at Jia. Jia starts leaving and says leave my gown, she turns and sees its stuck in stairs, Arjun tries to take it out but she jerks it away. Chirag and Chinni comes there. Chinni says lets take photo, she pulls Jia and Arjun together and takes photo, Chirag and Chinni leaves. Photographer asks Arjun and Jia to pose together. Arjun says I want to talk to you Jia, she says I dont want to. Baba comes there. They all take photos. Priya glares at them. Arjun and Jia touches Baba’s feet. Priya calls Nisha and says party has started, come here, its time to destroy their happiness.

Arjun stops Jia in party and says I want to talk to you, she says fine, say it. Arjun says you think that I am like that but I am not that.. I mean.. I dont understand what to say. Jia says you plan everything till now so say what you want straight forward. Arjun says actually.. Chinni comes there and says Jia come with me, Arjun talk later to her, she takes Jia with her. Arjun is disappointed.

Arjun comes in party and starts singing ae zindagi gale laga le.. he looks at Jia and smiles. Jia cant look away from him. Arjun sings for Jia. All clap for Arjun. Arjun approaches Jia. He sits on his knees infront of her. Nisha is hiding behind a pillar and looking at them. Arjun says I am sorry Jia, I didnt play guitar or sing but its your favorite song and I couldnt make you hate it so I didnt sing.. jia slightly smiles. Arjun says your goodness changed me, I am totally changed but I cant still drink black coffee, I swear I have changed, give me one chance. Chirag gives him knife, Arjun says if I do any mistake Jia then you can kill me with it, Jia smiles. Arjun says to Jia that I did mistakes but you have changed my heart.. my soul, heart, everything is yours. He presents her rose and says like this rose’s smell, I will fill your life with joy, its my promise, I have took out thorns from this rose and I will be picking up thorns and throwing them away from your lives. Jia takes rose from him. Arjun says one more thing, he takes gift box from Chirag, Arjun shows bangles to Jia in it and says I will fill colors in your life like these bangles, accept my love, give me chance to be in your life, to take care of family, I swear I wont plot anything wrong from now.. Jia emotionally looks at him and gives him her hand. Arjun says to Jia that there is one more truth I want to tell you… my memory.. Nisha suddenly plays a video on TV. Its video in which Arjun and Priya were seen plotting, in video Priya says to Arjun that you have been fooling Jia and Nisha both, you keep juggling between them to gain benefit. Arjun says soon we will have luxury life and I just have to win Jia and Nisha’s trust and then I will get everything, when Jia made mandir plan so I decided to handle Jia and Nisha both, I will make them fail in their game and how I will do it? by becoming Adi.. All are shocked to see the video. Jia looks at Arjun. Arjun says I was never Adi.

Nisha plays the recording to Arjun’s reality in the party. Everyone is shocked. Arjun says to Jia in the party I wanted to apologize you. I wanted to tell you everything. I have realized how much I love you. I wanted to tell you all this truth. Jia says done? Don’t ever show me your face again. Everyone is dazed. Jia leaves. Chini leaves in anger as well. Chiragh says just get out. Baba sa is in tears. Arjun takes his stuff and leaves the house. Arjun recalls his moments with jia. Nisha calls Arjun and says see what i did. This is how you pay for messing up with me. He says how dare you call me. She says they will kick you out of that house just the way you did it to me. They hate you now. Go and live your pathetic life. Live in 10 by 10 ft house. Arjun is angry. He says paying back for my sins. I have always hurt this family and jia. Babsa says please don’t go adi. You can’t leave. Arjun says in heart even after knowing truth why is he calling me adi? jia and Chini come too. Babasa says don’t go. Adi can’t leave babasa. Arjun says I am not adi. I am his look alike. For money I did all this. Jia says babasa please don’t talk to him. Babassa says no he is my adi. I can recognize my adi. Chini says no he is a liar. He is a selfish human. He can do anything for money. Babasa says no thats why adi. My son. He can’t leave me alone. Tell me your problems my son. You won’t go anywhere. Jia says he is just a look alike and you get out of this house. Baba sa says he wont go anywhere. If he leaves I will leave this house as well. Arjun says babsa .. Babsa says comes with me. He takes arjun to his room.
Babsa says to Arjun don’t worry.

Jia will forgive you. I know you love him. You broke her trust. Arjun says I have always hurt your family. Babsa says first you have to teach that nisha a lesson. She is really bad. You have to protect everyone from her. You are our only one. You make me feel safe. Will you protect this family? Arjun says yes babasa. I wont let nisha harm you all anymore. I wont go anywhere. I promise. Babas says jia is going. Go and stop her. Adi runs after jia and says where are you going? She says I hate your face. You always lied to me. Why should i listen to you. I started trusting in GOd and you broke my trust on humans. He says I know i have given you a lot troubles. Jia says you are a liar. Thats all you do.

Jia asks Chiragh to get a taxi. He says are you leaving this house? No you can’t leave us all. Jia says call the cab. He says okay I will. She says don’t dare calling Chini. She takes his phone and says get me a taxi. Jia is leaving the house. Jia syas sorry babasa and kaki ma. If you were here you would have stopped me. I need to go from here. You got your house and your rights. I don’t want anything else. I will miss you a lot. Jia comes out to take a cab. Some thugs come there. Nisha is in her car. She says what a timing jia. I have sent special driver for you. The thugs come and attack Jia.
Arjun comes home and says where is jia? He sees a letter and reads. Babasa kaki ma and chini I felt like home with you. My mission to come here is complete. You got everything you deserved. I am going back to London. I will call form there. I can’t live under the roof Arjun is living as adi. I will miss you all. Your jia.
Arjun says no Jia you can’y leave us all. I wont let you go.

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