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In Kindred of Hearts Update monday 30th September 2019 episode, guard interrupts Arjun as he attempts taking away a bag which Binni was hidden in, search’s it but Jia later intervened as the security guards left searching it.

Chirag says to Kaki that Arjun and Jia will bring Binni, its weird that I lost one sister and got one more, Binni and I will have fun together. They hear door bell and say Binni is here. Kaki opens door to see Arjun and Jia on door. Chirag asks where is Binni? Kaki says why you both are dressed like this? is everything fine? where is Binni? Arjun says let me tell you. He drags bag inside house. Arjun brings bag in lounge.

On dropping the bag, Arjun opens it behold Binni was lying unconscious in it. Kaki being stunned with the incident, Jia explains that Binni was about to do nude photoshoot for a magazine, Kaki drops aarti plate in shock. Arjun and Chirag brings out Binni from bag and makes her lie on sofa. Kaki caresses her head and cries. She recalls her childhood. Kaki says now she is with her grandma, I will make her understand, I have to talk to her a lot, you take rest. Arjun says she made us kidnap her, she didnt want to come, Jia says scold her when she wakes up. Arjun says Kaki will just spoil her. Chirag says you must have enjoyed at shoot. Jia says I enjoyed fighting, running there, thanks to Binni. Binni wakes up and says yeah right enjoy. She looks around and sees her childhood home. Binni says where am I? Kaki says this is your house and I am your grandma, wont you hug me? binni looks away. Kaki says you got lost in childhood, Nisha sent you to mental asylum, we tried to find you a lot but we couldnt but now you are with us, I am so happy. Binni says I am so happy too. Arjun says I knew she will be fine in house. Kaki says this is Chirag your brother. Chirag says I was waiting for you, I always wanted a sister, I am Chirag, he holds out his hand, Binni says you people are weird, you think me as your sister suddenly, irritating. Chirag says you are irritating, you should be binni the Boo, you stink. Binni slaps him and says you are cartoon thats why you think everyone is cartoon, she turns to leave but Arjun grabs her hand and says you are not going anywhere, Binni says how dare you? She bite him and tries to run but all gather around and try to catch her.

Jia stands in her way too. Binni says you people have kidnapped me, I will send you both to jail, where is my phone? I wont spare you. Jia says we brought you from that cheap shoot for your benefit. Binni is irritated and looks around, she gets an idea and says fine, you people want my benefit? cant see my pain? She breaks pot and puts glass piece near her neck, she says if you come near me then I will hurt myself. Arjun says no, do what you want, you will know soon how much we love you, you can go out, he throws key at her, she leaves glass piece to catch key but Arjun and Chirag grabs her and locks her in room. Binni screams that I wont spare you, leave me..

At night, Arjun and family comes to Binni’s room, Chirag switches on light, binni is sitting on floor and room is a mess. Kaki asks why she is sitting on floor? do you have fever? Binni says its too much dust here, I will get allergy. Jia says you messed this room, you should have thought before it. Kaki asks her to eat something. Binni gets happy seeing food and starts eating. Jia smiles and gives water to her. Binni drinks it and is eager to eat more. Kaki says you can be miffed at us but you will remain my Binni. Binni says you people are emotional fools, I am done with you all, I dont care if you people are here or not. Jia says talk with respect, she is your grandma.

Binni says you respected people cheat and kidnap too? Jia says that place was not good for you, Kaki made food for you with love. Binni says I dont know you people, I lived alone always, I need my space, let me be. Jia says give yourself a chance to adjust with us. Binni says I know what you people are trying to do but I need some time. Jia says okay. Kaki says you can take time but soon we will win your love and trust. Binni says I need my things, I need shower, Chirag says I will bring it. Binni says I dont know you people but I know I didnt have this irritating brother. Kaki says Nisha married Samar and he is their son and your step brother. Binni says whatever, let me freshen up, all leave. Arjun and Jia stop and turn to see her eating. They leave. Binni looks on. Jia is in thoughts, she recalls how she was about to get married to Arjun but they had to break it off for Binni. She is sad.

Arjun brings coffee for her and says I know what you are thinking, that we were about to get married, he says I have an idea. Jia says I know what you are thinking, go and sleep. Arjun says I have to tell you, we were taking pheras here only,. Arjun enacts like he lit havan kund and tied their gadh bandhan, he holds Jia’s hand and starts taking pheras around imaginary havan, sang hon tere plays. Arjun says I promise to always put you before my bike. Jia says I promise to not make you drink black coffee.Arjun says I promise to not call you clingy in public. Jia says I promise to give you good night kiss everyday. Arjun says this is best, I promise to learn guitar fro you. They take 7 pheras. Arjun says now this marriage is done, we are husband and wife now. Jia says we are one now. Arjun says thank you for coming in my life.

Arjub brings out mangalsutra and says I know we are not married rightfully, I am giving it you as promise but I will make you wear it proudly infront of world. Jia says promise then we will have two wedding anniversaries, one today and one when we get married, he says done and gives her mangalsutra. Jia jumps in his arms and hugs him tightly, sang hoon tere plays.

Binni tries to runaway from house at night but family comes there. Arjun says you cant run like this. Chirag says its big house so why you want to run? She says I dont want to be caged in this gold cage. Arjun sees her passport and says you have kept your name as Binifer Sharma when your name is Binni Jindal? I can send you to jail for this. Binni huffs and goes to her room. She says I hate this.

At night, Binni goes to kitchen to drink water, its all dark. Some shadow comes behind her and puts knife on her neck, its Jhumki, Jia hears her and comes there, Jhumki leaves. Jia comes there and asks what happened? Binni says you people dont want me to work and now you want to kill me? why you are behind me? Give me space. Jia says I just came here. Binni says you can do emotional drama

but it wont affect me. Jia says I know our way was wrong but we didnt have choice, they were not nice people, I know what happened in childhood with you was wrong but give us chance, if Chinni was here then she would be so happy. Binni says yes I wanted a good family in childhood but I dont believe in family now, I want freedom now. Binni says I want freedom otherwise.. Jia says otherwise you cant do anything, we have your passport that too is fake, Binni huffs and goes to her room.Jia says what to do with her.

In morning, Arjun brings Binni to lounge for breakfast, Binni sees oily veg food and says I wont eat this, you want me to get fat so I cant do modeling? I just eat non-veg. Jia asks her to shut up and dont misbehave with her, just sit down and eat otherwise I will burn your passport. Binni says sorry and starts eating. Arjun sits beside Jia and holds her hand under table. Kaki says I have asked priest to do peace pooja for fmaily and Baba and Chinni, it will be at 5AM. Binni says I wont wake up that soon. Jia says you will wake up, we all will do pooja together.

Kaki is preparing for pooja. Jia says to Binni that please wake up tomorrow for pooja, even I dont believe in God that much but Kaki likes famiily together so please wake up. Binni says no way, I like my beauty sleep and I dont take this family as my family so I dont care about thsi bullshit pooja, she leaves. Jia is sad. Arjun says we have many hopes from her but dont worry, she will understand soon. Arjun says I am not able to find my jacket, can you find it? she nods.

Jia comes to Arjun’s room to find jacket, Jia sees clothes thrown on bed, she says what is this mess? he says I was looking for jacket. Arjun shows her cupboard and says I kept haf empty for you. Jia starts searching for Jacket. Arjun hugs her from behind, Jia says let me find it. Jia sees is on cupboard’s roof, she tries to get it but cant reach it, Arjun lifts her in his arms and gets the jacket. Arjun brings Jia down and pulls her in his arms.. they both get lost in each others eyes. Arjun smiles, Mann mast magan plays as they looking at each other. Jia sees an envelope, she opens it and finds tickets of today. Jia says this was honeymoon’s plan? Arjun says it was surprise for you, we couldnt get there in last life too. Jia says were were excited to go to Paris. Jia says I am happy with you and family here, I always wanted a family. Arjun pulls her and says if you are happy here then we can have honeymoon here. Jia asks him to stop it, she says Binni said she wont come to pooja and Kaki will feel bad. Arjun says dont worry, I will bring Binni to pooja, its my promise, he tries to kiss her but she pushes him and leaves.

In early morning, Jia and Arjun lights diya for pooja. Kaki and Chirag brings priest. Kaki says Binni didnt wake up? Arjun says she will come in a minute, he brings out remote and presses button. Many alarm bells start ringing in Binni’s room.Binni wakes up and screams. Binni says blo*dy hell, I have to wake up on their time too. She tries to stop bells but cant,she is about to break them but gets Arjun’s message that if she breaks bells, it wont change time or alarm to stop, if you dont come down for pooja then these bells will keep ringing as I have their remote, get ready and come down. In lounge, Arjun says she will come down soon for pooja. Kaki says I will ask priest for your marriage too. Jia says Arjun and I have decided that we will get married when Binni accepts this family and becomes part of it. Kaki says okay we will wait. Jia goes to Binni’s room to check on her.

Jia comes to Binni’s room, she is still in bed. Jia asks her to wake up for pooja. Binni says I didnt come in this house for myself, leave me alone. Jia says this pooja is for your sister and grandpa, once pooja is done then you can sleep. Binni says to hell with these relatives, I have to sleep, Jia glares at her and leaves. Jia says now I can sleep. Jia comes to Binni’s room with water bucket, she throws it on Binni, Binni wakes up with a jerk and says are you crazy? Jia throws towel at her and says get ready in 10 minutes. Binni screams in anger, Jia leaves.

All guests come to pooja, priest says its time for pooja, Kaki says just five minutes. Jia comes there and says Binni is coming in five minutes. All wait for her. Jia calls Binni, Binni says I am coming outside, you start pooja. Jia ends call. Jia says Kaki Binni is coming, lets start pooja. Priest starts pooja and asks Kaki to bring aarti plate. Binnni comes out of her room just wearing a red towel and drinking wine. Kaki is shocked to see her and aarti plate falls from her.

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