In King of Heart Update Monday 7 October 2019 Zee World, Watchman opens the entryway, Raghu turns out wearing the garments and discloses everything to Shabnam.

Previously: King of Hearts Update Sunday 6 October 2019 Zee World

Roshni says it can occur and tells that she may sit on the mandap rather than Shabnam and wed Raghu. DD gets strained and asks what would you like to state? Why you will sit rather than shabnam. DD thinks Roshni is carrying on ordinarily. Nani Maasi finds out about the news that the lady was changed at the mandap.

Roshni says she was simply kidding. DD asks Sid will return soon. Roshni thinks DD is enjoying Sid now and implores all is well at this point. Pinto gets stressed.

Simran and Raj go to Shabnam’s commitment and compliment DD. DD says Sid is alive… and says she has witnesses for herself. Krutika says she has photographs. Simran requests that DD have God dread, and says you won’t correct your slip-ups. She says I did a slip-up once, by confiding in you yet won’t confide in you once more. DD says Sid… .you need to come infront of need to spare my regard being my lord of heart.

DD sees Raghu washing garments close to the pool and asks who gave you authorization to wash garments here. Sid says I am to be spouse of the proprietor of this house. DD reveals to Roshni that Raghu isn’t equivalent to Sid’s nail moreover. She says atleast Sid had a class. Shabnam comes and demonstrates her ring to Raghu.

Roshni sending a chit with the worker to Raghu. Raghu understands it “do you recall my birthday” . He requests that Servant go and gets another chit… .. “eat desserts to get great musings”. He solicits Servants to work and reminds from the night commitment. Roshni figures he can’t be Sid and thinks to go to a similar spot where DD saw Sid.

Sid thinks to meet Roshni at where DD saw him, and says I won’t let your expectation break. Bunty asks Doctor what happened to Krutika. Simran comes and asks what was the deal? Krutika says she got vomitings. Bunty thinks might be Krutika got pregnant after yesterday night. Simran thinks Krutika got sick.

Roshni prepares to look Sid. Sid comes and asks she is going to discover whom and says I am close to you… … ..They have an eye lock… .Mere Rubaru plays… … He makes her wear hoops. Roshni thinks it is her creative mind. She thinks once her Sid returns then she will see Shabnam.

Nani is supplicating in the sanctuary. Roshni comes and fills her maang with vermillion… .She requests that God invigorate her, so she can bring her better half home. Nani favors her for conjugal life and says you will get your Sid today.

Hireling comes to Bunty and says Krutika called you in the corridor. Bunty sees blooms made up like a heart with amusement park passes. He says gives up. Krutika won’t go. Simran feels terrible for Bunty, and thinks Krutika doesn’t draw close to him and would prefer not to see his face. She thinks Sid may have clear the contrasts among them and thinks where is he?


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