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King of hearts 2 Sunday update 2nd February 2020 zee world

King of hearts 2 Sunday update 2nd February 2020; The Episode starts with Dhruv telling Satya about his deal with the company. Satya is irked. Mahi asks Dhruv to have kheer made by Kajal and asks her to serve it. Dhruv have it and thanks them for their good hospitality. Mahi invites him for lunch, the next day. Satya coughs and says we shall not pressurize him. Dhruv refuses. Mahi insists and asks him to think their room as his until he is in the city. Dhruv agrees. Later Satya finds Dhruv’s wallet and wonders whose wallet is this? Dhruv comes and takes it back, says it is mine. He says I will leave now. Satya is doubtful about him. Mahi sings tu hai hero mera…Satya says I am hero and tells that he would have beaten the goons and this hero if he would had arrived on time. Mahi makes him jealous. Kajal thinks about Dhruv. She accepts his friend’s invitation. He messages that the sweet dish was good. Mahi comes there and sees her smiling. Kajal asks her to sit. Mahi says actually we asked Dhruv not to come for lunch. Kajal asks why? Mahi says we don’t know anything about him, and tells that Satya didn’t like him. Kajal says just now he sent me friendship request on facebook and messaged also. Mahi understands and asks her to make sweets tomorrow. Payal hears them and smiles. Dhruv messages Kajal…See you tomorrow. Payal meets him and says today’s performance was good. Dhruv thanks her.

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Satya holds Mahi in his embrace and tells romantic lines. Mahi upsets him romantically. She tells that Kajal likes Satya. Satya says that’s why you was staring him. He says he won’t let Jugal hansraj marry his sister. Mahi says Dhruv is good and asks him not to get late. Satya says marriage is not an easy thing. Mahi says we shall talk to Mamma. Satya says we shall think about Sawant’s baby. Mahi says first Kajal’s relation and then…

Gangu Tai tells Payal that Mahi has chosen Dhruv for Satya. She asks how is he? Payal says he is a nice guy and says she will talk to him. Mahi says I know that Mamma will help us. Payal thinks her plan is successful. Later Dhruv signs the partnership deal and says Raizada and Sen gupta partnership will go long. Payal says I was thinking to turn this professional relationship into personal. She says we brought Kajal’s marriage proposal for you. Satya asks him not to say yes, if he don’t love her. Mahi says this is awkward situation for you, but we were thinking that this is the best match. Dhruv says he has no family and accepts the marriage proposal. Gangu Tai says you are my Jamai Raja from now. Satya thinks why did he agree so soon. Gangu Tai tells Dhruv that Kajal and Sunil are not her own kids, but they love her a lot. Kajal says you loved me so much, even my mum wouldn’t have given me so much love. Satya threatens Dhruv silently asking him not to make his sisters get tears. He jokes that a show should be made on him and his sasu mummy. Payal says sure.

Mahi tells Kajal that she is very happy for her. Gangu Tai says we will do sakarpura…engagement and asks Satya to call Dhruv. Payal says he is an orphan, so we will decide. Dhruv is talking to his girlfriend on phone and she says she won’t let him go tonight. Dhruv says I will come in night and asks her to understand that he is busy now. He asks her to give kiss. They give kiss to each other. Satya sees Dhruv giving mobile kiss, and is doubtful. Dhruv sees Satya and is shocked.

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