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King of hearts update Friday 20 December 2019 on Zee World

King of hearts update Friday 20 December 2019 on Zee World, Roshni seeing someone in the house and asks who is he? The man is Aarav. When she tries to talk to him, he escapes.

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Next day, Roshni tells Sid that the guy is Aarav, Anya’s friend. She says he came home and when I asked him. He pushed me and escape. Sid gets down the car and hold his neck. Aarav asks him to leave him, and threatens to beat him and call Police. Sid says you are Aarav? You have made Anya’s life hell and troubled her a lot. He asks him to stay far from her. Aarav asks who are you to keep me away from my baby and says he will not go far from her. Roshni is shocked. Sid beats him and says you are troubling him a lot and want to abort your baby. Aarav says I want to stay with Anya and our baby, but she has changed and don’t want to be with me. He says she tried to give me money and asked me to forget her. How can I forget that she is having my baby. He says did you hear fully? I won’t go far from her. Sid and Roshni are shocked. Aarav leaves.

Roshni asks what did he say? She asks how can that baby be his? That baby is of you and Anya, right? She asks him to say that the baby is his and asks if he got married to Anya? Sid says no…Roshni shouts at him and asks why didn’t you tell me? I went far from you thinking Anya’s baby is yours. Sid asks when did I lie? He says I tried to tell you many times, but you didn’t hear. He says I am not Anya’s husband and not her baby’s father. What you can do? Nothing. He says you would have trust me once? And now saying I have betrayed you. He says I have always cared for your happiness and not mine. He says you always need proof, and asks did you get the proof now. He asks can you save our relation now? No…

Roshni says I didn’t marry Neil for my happiness, and says I married him for your and Anya’s happiness. She says I came to you, and tried to talk to you, but your mom said that you are happy with Anya and baby. She says I came in people’s talk and says Neil is not my happiness. She hugs him, cries badly thinking she has ruined everything. Sid asks her not to cry and says you heard everything, but not me. He asks how to bring you back in my life, now you are a husband and life. He says this is our destiny, and says we have responsibility of other relations too, and says Aarav and Anya. Roshni apologizes to him and hugs him cryingly.

King of hearts update Friday 20 December 2019 on Zee World

Anya is packing her suitcase and tries calling Sid. She gets angry and says don’t know what is in that Roshni which I don’t have. She gets a call from Aarav. Anya asks have you gone mad? Why did you call me? Aarav says I am standing outside your house. Anya says this is my sasural, and asks him to go. Aarav asks her to meet him for one last time. Anya says I don’t want to talk to you, and asks him to get lost. Just then she hears Aarav’s scream and runs out. She sees Aarav lying on the road with knife stabbed in his stomach. She asks Aarav to wake up and says his Anya came to him. Sid comes and says this is what you wanted. She says I never wanted bad for him. She says I was running after you, even being aware that you loves Roshni and can’t love me. She says I couldn’t see his love who loves me more than anybody else. She says I will die without you. Sid asks Aarav to get up. Aarav stands up and is fine. Anya hugs him and says I love you. Aarav says I love you too.

Sid tells Anya that Aarav loves you a lot and says good life partner is needed to live life. Anya apologizes to him. Sid asks her to live good life with Aarav. Anya tells Roshni that she has done wrong with her, and tried to snatch Sid from her, whom she loves a lot. She says I have realized my mistake and hugs her apologizing. Sid signs Roshni to forgive her. Anya says I did a mistake though. Sid asks what you have done?

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