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King of hearts update Friday 3rd January 2020 on Zee World

King of hearts update Friday 3rd January 2020 on Zee World; The Episode starts with Deepu asking Satya to give necklace. Satya tells that he doesn’t have necklace with him and asks him to find the right time. Mahi hears them. Satya asks her to come for class. Mahi thinks why this man is threatening Satya? Satya asks Mahi to come. Mahi thinks she might be misunderstandings things and thinks Satya is a nice guy and can’t do anything wrong. Koel comes to the dance class and sees light off. Satya comes and sings Chandani hai tum…..Mahi also comes. He gives her rose. Koel gets impressed with him and hugs him. Satya thinks he has to get the necklace back from Mahi’s purse. Mahi tells Koel that she has important work and going home, asks her to come alone. Satya stops her and asks her to come for party.. Koel asks why you are forcing her. Satya brings them to dhaba. Koel sees dhaba and asks if food is good here. Satya says yes, food is desi. Mahi says I will bring water.

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Satya thinks if she opens her purse then she will know. He says it doesn’t look nice when a guy is sitting and girl going to bring water. He brings water and asks them to order food seeing menu. Koel says it is dirty. Satya says food is like home made food. Mahi asks did you see kitchen of dhaba. Satya says yes and makes story that he came with his business foreign associates as they want to see Indian culture and food. He tells that he has done cooking course from foreign. Just then Mahi gets Payal’s video call. Mahi talks to Payal and tells that they are with a nice guy. Payal couldn’t see Satya as he was gone.

Koel talks to Payal and ends the call. Satya asks them to come to kitchen with him and takes inside. Koel tells that she forgot her phone. Mahi goes to bring it, Koel also goes. Satya thinks his plan is ruined. Mahi and Koel see Chotu taking out something from her purse. They complain to Satya. Satya tells them that Chotu is very fond of books and that’s what he was stealing. He says we should support him and get him education. Koel and Mahi tell that they need to leave now. They leave.

Gangu Tai tells Sunil that they shall celebrate Ganesh festival, and says she will see the redevelopment people. Satya comes home. Gangu Tai asks where is my necklace. I need to wear it on Ganapati festival. Satya thinks what to do? HE thinks there is only one way now. At home, Mahi thinks about Satya and thinks he is not that bad. When she goes to washroom, Satya comes to her room and is about to take necklace from her purse. Payal is coming there calling Mahi. Satya hears her. Payal sees Satya eloping from balcony and thinks Mahi has started this also. She sees necklace in her purse and gets doubtful. Mahi comes out from washroom, sees necklace and thinks it is of Satya. He had stolen it.

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