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King of Hearts Update Monday 14th October 2019 on Zee World, begins as Sid calls Kunj and tips him about seeing Twinkle in car with Yuvi.

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Kunal offers to fix her phone but she says surely but give me your phone so i can inform mom. Kunal lies that he forgot his phone. She goes to make call to DD from PCO as Kunal smirks.

Bansi tells DD to notice how Roshni left with Kunal. After all he is perfect match for Roshni. All will be well now. DD is worried about Roshni. She calls Sid and asks him to meet her.

Twinkle notices Sid in adjacent car and covers her face with veil. She prays that Sid doesnt notice her. Sid feels suspicious and decides to call Kunj. Kunal-Roshni arrive at the NGO and kids ask about Sid. Kunal says he couldnt come today but we will all play and study too.

She notices a painting on the wall that has her and Sid’s hand impression. She is sad and misses Sid. Kunal notices and decides to intervene. He pushes one of the kids in such a way that he falls and ends up breaking Roshni’s phone.

Bansi teases him and Sid says anyone who tries to harm Roshni will be finished by me. Tell me where is Roshni. Bansi says Roshni is with her hubby. And tonight Kunal will make her his.

Raj calls Shakunte and stammers to say ..i li… and Krutika comes n says Simran looking for u. Shakunte is confused and Raj gives the phone to Krutika. Sid reaches NGO and asks of Roshni. Kids say she went to nearby village.

Kunj asks Sid about Twinkle. Sid informs that registered missing person complaint for Twinkle. Kunj thanks Sid. He asks Sid the matter. Sid shares about Kunal taking Roshni away. Kunj is worried too. Kunj prays for Twinkle and Roshni’s safety.

Kunal drives Roshni thru some isolated road. Sid asks Abhi if he saw Roshni n he shares about incident of Kunal spiking water for Roshni. Meanwhile, Roshni feels dizzy and Kunal tries to get close to her. Sid is driving towards them.

Later in night, Roshni gets a romantic chit from Sid. Sid comes with a bouquet and tries to agree her. Roshni tells him that he would have fall down from there. Sid holds her closer and says lets be filmy.

Sid says he is like a snake and will change colors. Roshni questions Sid and shows doubt on him. Sid says you are my wife and life….Roshni asks him to stop it and asks what you have shared with me. She says I am grinded between mum and yours ego’ classes.

You have always kept me in dark. Kunal asks Roshni not to fight with Sid and says there might be some misunderstanding. Sid asks him to stay out of it. Roshni tells Sid that she fell from bike and Kunal was helping her like a friend when she was feeling like fainting.

Roshni asks him not to think wrong and says he wants me to take those kids to NGO. Kunal says these talks doesn’t matter, and says he just made her drink glucose and nothing as such. He brings the bottle and drinks it to prove that it was just glucose. Roshni asks Kunal not to prove anything to anyone.

She holds Kunal’s hand and asks him to come with her. They sit on the bike and leaves. Sid looks on shockingly and says you are doing wrong Roshni. He says Kunal is a snake charmer and they want to ruin our family by mixing venom within us. He says they forgot that I am between them and my family, I won’t let anything to happen to anyone.

Sid is worried and rushes in search of Roshni. Meanwhile Kunal spikes Roshni’s water. Abhi watches and asks what he is mixing in the water and Kunal says mixing meds in water for her as she is unwell. He rushes away. Abhi feels suspicious.

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