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In King of Hearts Update monday 21st October 2019 on zee world, Sid is in the room with Premal who is falling over himself to impress the ‘sage’.

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Bunty’s phone drops from his pocket and he doesn’t notice. Kritika calls him on the Phone. Shakun picks the phone and speaks. Kritika asks who she is to be answering her husband’s phone? Roshni takes the phone from Shakun.

Bansi washes DD’s feet. Sid says she must drink the water. Premal begs his Mother to drink the water since they want Roshni in their home. Bansi drinks the dirty water.

He gives him some food and Sid asks for some water. When Premal leaves, Sid puts a substance into a cup. Premal returns and Sid tells him to mix the ingredients with holy water and drink. Premal does so and drinks the water. Sid asks what his big problem is? Premal says Roshni doesn’t want to follow them home and she’s being rude to them.

He says his Mother’s temper is a problem and she always gets what she sets her mind to; his Mother didn’t even spare his own daughter who was her grand daughter, and 18 years ago, DD and her Mother betrayed them and ran away with Roshni.

Premal has passed out. Sid leaves the room, telling himself that he now understands why DD is putting up with everything. He vows to find out the entire secret! Roshni grabs his hand and takes off his moustache. He begs her to listen to him. He takes the mustache and fixes it back.

Bansi finds Premal passed out in the room. She wonders what happened and tells herself that something is fishy. Roshni laughs and commends Sid for making Bansi wash DD’s feet. Sid says it’s his duty to look after his family.

Bunty joins them and Roshni says she found out what happened because she spoke to Kritika on his Phone and Kritika is suspecting that he’s cheating on her. He leaves to call Kritika. Roshni holds Sid. Sid says from what he has found out about Bansi and her family, he thinks they are dangerous.

Bunty carries Sid towards the door. Premal and Kunal beg him to wait. Sid says he has to go. Bansi says they are cooking for 100 Children and they need him to bless the food. He becomes suspicious but says he would stay. Bansi tells Roshni to follow her to the Kitchen. Sid says he also loves cooking. They start cooking.

Sid the sage gives him a bottle of oil and tells him to drink it in one gulp. Premal says it stinks. He holds his nose and downs it. Sid makes him sit and says he must tell him what is troubling him and his family? Premal says Roshni is their daughter-in-law but she’s refusing to come with them because she’s married to someone else. Sid asks why? Premal tells him everything from when DD came to their village. Bunty moans loudly and Premal says they must go and and see. Sid wants him to stay and finish the story but Premal goes to the living room.

They meet Bansi beating Bunty with a broom. Sid says he is offended! Premal begs him to stay. Sid says someone in the family just lost her husband! Kesar says it’s DD. Sid says the only way he can forgive Bansi is if she begs DD for forgiveness and serves her.

He says DD doesn’t know what they are capable of, they know a secret so terrible that if they reveal it, DD and her Mother will end up in jail and lose Roshni for good! Sid becomes worried.

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