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In King of Hearts Update Saturday 12 October 2019 Zee World, Raj demands a favour from Mohini by asking her to assist to make Preet out of home and demands for plans from her also.

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He says don’t think I forgot everything, the way you insulted my mum, I did not forget it, will you help or changed intentions. She says its good you understood that we have to get together. He asks what’s the plan. She tells him to break Preet’s pride, she thinks you love her and will accept her.

Amrit is supporting her, a woman is woman’s biggest friend and enemy, if any woman proves Preet that she is wrong, there was someone else in Raj’s heart. Raj asks how will such girl come.

Raavi gives jewelry. Amba says if Jagan knows this. Raavi says he won’t know, I will get jewelry back when money comes. Amba says you have helped me a lot. Raavi says I m a daughter’s mum because of you. She sends Sukhi to mortgage jewelry. Jagan comes home. They all get tensed. Sukhi gets tensed. Jagan asks him why is his face turning pale.

Drunk Rohan gets angry seeing all of them laughing. Raj comes in front of Mannu, and asks the guy to go and get ice from kitchen. The guy goes. Mannu thinks I knew Raj can insult me, but can’t let anyone stain my respect. She puts her hair back and leaves from there.

Raj angrily bangs his hand and gets hurt. Mannu asks him did he get hurt. She asks him did he wish to insult her so that she leaves from here. She says I won’t go anywhere, as I know you love me. He says there is no love. She says then you would have let me get humiliated, why did you come to save me, this is called love. Raj leaves.

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