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King of Hearts Update Saturday 26th October 2019 on zee world, have it that Kunal’s thugs enter and one of them hits Sid with a stick then Sid falls down and immediately getting up, begs Kunal to let go his Wife.

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Kunal says he also has a condition and it’s this, Sid can’t stay in the house! DD pleads but Kunal insists he can’t stay. DD reluctantly agrees. Kunal says he’s now the Son-in-law and Sid is not needed.

The thugs attack him but he fights them back. One eventually hits him on the head with a stick and he falls. Kunal orders his Men to hold Sid and they all take turns hitting him.

Shabnam tells Roshni not to worry. She asks Sid if she knows him? He says so these are her true colors? He vows to sort her out but for now, he wants to talk to his Wife.

Bansi says DD can stay for now, on one condition. DD asks what? Bansi says DD’s business partner would be Kunal. DD agrees. Sid asks DD if she’s crazy; she can donate her wealth but not to give Bansi and her family that.
DD asks what she should do?

Sid sees Shabnam’s photo hanging on the wall, then sees photos of Bansi and her family and photos of Kunal and Roshni. Shabnam comes into the living room and Roshni goes to her saying this strange people are claiming to be her Mother and husband.

Bansi warns him not to talk to her daughter-in-law. She orders him to leave!
DD asks Bansi what she has done to Roshni? Mona, Kesar and Roshni’s Grandmother are able to come out of the room to join them. Kesar says they have been locked inside. Sid asks Roshni if she doesn’t recognise her family members? He holds her hand and tells her to look into his eyes.

Kunal takes off Sid’s hand and warns him not to touch his Wife! Roshni hides behind Kunal. Kunal tells Bansi to take Roshni inside. He says he will deal with Sid and his family as he’s sure they’ve lost their way.

Sid says he made a mistake by allowing Shabnam back in. He orders her to leave! Kunal tells Sid to leave his house! Sid orders him out of the way! He throws him on a Chair and he’s about to punch him when Shakun gives Sid her Phone and tells him to talk to his Mother. She doesn’t allow him talk.

At the Khurana’s house, Simran, Bunty and Kritika enter the bedroom and open the Wardrobe. They see Raj and untie him.
DD tells Sid that they should search the house for evidence. They start searching. Kunal watches them with a smirk.

Sid tells DD that they can’t find anything as all the documents and even photos are missing. DD asks Shabnam what she has done to Roshni? Shabnam says she wants her house back. DD raises her hand to slap her but Shabnam blocks it. She says DD already lost Roshni.

Sid warns her to be careful as truth always triumphs over evil. Shabnam asks how he would prove that he’s Roshni’s husband and DD is her Mother? DD says she doesn’t need to prove it as the whole world knows, she will just have to convince Roshni.

Roshni panics. Sid tells her to remember when they met and what he told her, and to remember the day they got married and how he lived in her house. Kunal looks at Shabnam. Shabnam tells him to let them finish their drama.

Simran gives Raj some water and asks Bunty to call the Doctor. Raj says he has to go to Sid because his life is in danger. Simran says she would go with him. DD asks Roshni if she doesn’t remember her Mother who she used to hate, and Sid that she loves so much?

Sid goes to ask Shabnam what they have done to his Wife? Shabnam says a Chef never reveals his secret recipe… She tells them to all pack up and forget Roshni was ever a part of their life because she has lost her memory! DD says she won’t leave Roshni and the house belongs to her, so they need to find a way around the situation.

She tells Simran that Sid has come and still doesn’t understand that if he doesn’t behave, he won’t be able to save his father from where she locked him up!

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