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In King of Hearts update Saturday 7 December 2019 on Zee World, Anya thinking Sid asking her to not let Neil and Roshni engaged. She thinks if Sid is Ragini’s ex husband.

Mami says it is very inauspicious and tells that there is some connection of Jamai Raja and Ragini. Naina gets angry on her and asks what is the connection between them. Sid says you are thinking about everyone except us. You want to go, even after knowing that I will be hurt if you leave.

<<King of Hearts update friday 6th December 2019 on Zee World

Roshni says yes. Sid says enough and asks her to go. He asks her to get up and go. Just as Roshni is about to go, Sid hurts his hand and says he told her that he will hurt himself with her every move. He breaks glass on his head. Roshni cries and feels his pain. Hamari Adhuri plays………………

Sid continues to hurt himself. Roshni cries as she is unable to see his pain……Sid falls on grass and says your tears have proved that you are concerned for me. Roshni thinks about Naina, Anya, and Simran. She goes near Sid and sees him fainted. Neil comes there searching her and calls Ragini. Roshni cries and runs from there, leaving Sid heavily injured. Roshni runs to Neil and hugs him cryingly. Neil asks Inspector to check for the kidnapper. Inspector asks Constable to check. He asks Roshni if the kidnapper are one or many. Roshni thinks she has to leave Sid there itself else their truth will come out.

Krutika opens the door and finds Sid lying unconscious outside the door. She calls her mum. Simran scolds Sid. Later Inspector comes and arrests Sid. Roshni calls Inspector and asks him not to tell anything to Neil about Sid, and he is unaware that Sid is her ex husband. It seems Roshni has filed case against Sid. Mami hears her and thinks to find out about her ex husband. Neil calls Inspector. Inspector says he couldn’t find anything till now. Simran asks Inspector how can he arrest her son? And says she wil talk to Roshni. Inspector says Ragini Desai is coming here. Roshni is going in the car. Anya comes infront of the car, and asks where you was going secretly. She says you was kidnapped by your ex husband.

King of Hearts update Saturday 7 December 2019 on Zee World

Roshni asks what are you saying? Anya says Roshni….this is your real name. She says your ex husband is Mr Sid Khurana? Right. Roshni is shocked to hear that. Anya asks her to tell and asks do you love him even now. Mami comes there and asks Anya to give magazine. Roshni goes in her car. Mami thinks where is Ragini going? Neil looks for Ragini in the house. Anya informs him that Ragini went back to her hotel. Neil says she would have taken rest here also. I will go and check. Anya says she must be tired. Neil thinks why Anya is talking to me like this.

Simran asks Lawyer to get her son out of jail and says her son is innocent. Lawyer asks her to calm down. Inspector warns Raj not to do any drama. Raj asks Simran to relax. Simran says how can I relax. Just then they see Roshni coming there? Simran goes to her and asks don’t you have any shame. She says my son has done so much for you and your family. Raj says I will talk to her and says Roshni puttar. Roshni says there is nothing to talk. Whatever I want to say, I will talk to Inspector. Raj says I am feeling as if everything is changed.

Mami comes to the police station following Roshni. She gets caught by the police as they misunderstand her to be thief. Roshni tells Inspector that she wants to get some additions in her complaint. Constable says they have arrested thieves. Inspector asks them to make them sit there. Simran asks how can you do this? Roshni asks her to stop her drama and threatens to get her arrested. Simran is shocked. Roshni says Raj is a good man, and she want want her ex husband to stay in jail, but she want him to be punished until his bones break and his mind comes to his senses.

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