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King of hearts update Sunday 15 December 2019 Zee World

King of hearts update Sunday 15 December 2019 Zee World, Sid, Anya, Neil’s conversation. Sid says he will make noodles for his love on the candle. He asks Anya to see if something is burning. Anya says yes.

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Ragini looks on. Sid says he is talking about candle. Sid makes noodles. He makes Anya have it. Anya says it is tasty. Roshni recalls Sid making noodle for her. Sid asks Ragini where is sauce. Naina says it is inside. Roshni goes to bring it. Sid asks Neil why Ragini seems to be lost and asks if he is sure. Sid asks where is plates and goes to bring it. Roshni asks why did you come? Sid says my Anya likes spicy and I came to take spices. Roshni says she is not interested in his talks. Sid gets closer to her and asks her to wipe her face. Mitul comes there and says she came to take water. Sid gives her angry look and then smile. Mitulis confused. Sid asks Ragini to bring a plate for Neil. Neil says it is okay, I will eat from mum’s plate. Sid and Anya displays their affection publicly making Roshni jealous.

Later in the evening, everyone is sitting near the bonfire. Anya says it is boring and says they shall play dumbsherads. Mitul acts as getting attacks. Ragini identifies the word as murder. Sid says I thought it is mirgi. Anya tells Ragini and Sid will be in one team and they will be in other. Roshni describes him the word with the signs. Sid couldn’t say it right. Roshni holds his hand and gets closer. They are lost in each other’s embrace….Sid says the word titanic correctly. Roshni hugs him and says you are the best…I ……stops and says I am impressed. Sid says you didn’t tell the last two words. I love you too Roshni..and says I am impressed. Anya tells Roshni that you have used my husband and says it is not allowed in game. Sid says I was used and laughs. Everyone laughs. Sid plays next and signs Ragini about the word. Ragini says dil, rishta…Anya says time up. Neil says it was love story.

Naina laughs and says even a buddu could figure out. Sid says yes. Anya plays next. Neil guesses it right. Naina says she will go and have beauty sleep. Ragini says she will also sleep. Neil says we will sleep here outside. Anya says it is good and asks how? Neil says sometimes I do exciting things. Ragini asks how? He says he will set tents for all. Sid says I will help you and bring stuff from inside, as ladies are ladies. Neil says men have to do, and asks Ragini to sit. Neil and Sid make tents, and says you all will sleep in nature’s lap. Sid says you have done wonderful. Neil asks everyone to go and sleep in different tents. Sid says Ragini and I have same color tent.

King of hearts update Sunday 15 December 2019 Zee World

Ragini says she wants to change her tent. Anya says we will not scare you as ghosts. Neil says I would love to invite you in my tent, but we are binded by the society rules. Sid says thank god, society rules. Ragini says okay, I will manage. Neil says your tent is strong. Ragini says okay. Sid says good job. Neil asks Sid to sleep well and hugs him. Anya and Sid tell I love you to each other, and says society rules, we have to sleep in different tents. They say god bight to each other. Anya goes. Sid gets in his tent. He asks Roshni, if she needs his help. Roshni closes the tent.

Later in the night, Roshni’s tent falls down on her. Sid runs to her rescue and helps her come out of tent. Roshni hugs him. Neil and others come out. Mitul asks Neil how did you make the tent. Neil says I have done it personally, and apologizes. Sid recalls taking out rod from the ground. Mami says she has done everything and taking off evil eye then how did this happen. Sid says even my mom believes on this inauspicious things and says she knows some healer. He says there is nothing wrong and how can you think everything is inauspicious. Sid says how can you believe on these things. Roshni says she wants to go to room. Neil takes her to room. Sid says good night and silenty throws same paper from his pocket.

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