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In King of Hearts update sunday 20th October 2019 on zee world, Sid says he’s worried the plan would ruin his relationship with Roshni.

In the morning, Simran sees Kritika at breakfast and excitedly asks what happened last night? Bunty comes and greets her good morning. He tries to join them but Kritika pulls his chair away and he lands on the floor. Simran is shocked. She asks what’s going on? Kritika says Bunty tried to take advantage of her by getting her drunk. She says he would never be like Rajveer!

Pinto reminds him he has already come this far and would be getting engaged to Shabnam soon. Pinto encourages him to just tell his Wife the truth then.

Pinto comes to see Sid and Sid complains to him that it’s getting more difficult to pretend; he gets weak when he’s near Roshni and he wishes he could just tell her everything.

Sid and Pinto are shocked. Sid goes back into Raghu mode. He says which truth and asks why Roshni is intruding on his private conversation with Pinto? He tells her to get out and do her work. Roshni just stares at him. He says he’s going to be engaged to someone and asks her not to stare at him. Pinto says he is getting engaged. Raghu asks if someone said statue to her and asks her to go.

Bunty says he can’t see a Mom feeling low infront of her daughter. Simran says he’s really good from inside and says she will unite him with his Wife. She says it is a deal and shake hands with him. Simran tells Kritika that Bunty is her husband. She is about to tell her that she was the one responsible for the alcohol but Bunty stops her from saying it. Krutika goes.

Sundari makes Shabnam clear out the cobwebs in the room. Shabnam sneezes as she is doing it. Sundari says she’s very delicate, and sneezing… she asks her to clean it properly! Raghu enters the room and Sundari tells Shabnam to go and make him some tea. Shabnam enters the room with the tea and decides to find out if he’s really Raghu. Raghu tells Sundari that he wants to see her reflection in his Wife.

Shabnam spills the tea on his chest and says it was an accident. Sundari asks him to take out the clothes. Sid says he is fine and it is not needed. Sundari tries to take off his shirt but Sid struggles with her. She succeeds in pulling the shirt to reveal his chest. Shabnam doesn’t see a scar to show where she shot him so she kisses him in excitement. Sundari warns her off. Sid remembers when he had the scar taken off at the hospital.

Simran sees Bunty with a blanket and pillow at night and she asks where he’s going with that? Bunty says he was just taking a walk. Simran tells him that Kritika needs him and it’s the only way they can get to know each other.

They see Kritika from the bedroom door having hiccups. Simran pours two glasses of liquor and gives them to Bunty to take one and give the other to Kritika. She tells Bunty that it is a soft drink. Bunty enters the room and gives one of the glasses to Kritika. She drinks it and asks what is this? She slaps him and starts hitting him with a pillow, accusing him of trying to take advantage of her! She falls asleep and Simran thinks it is good.


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