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In King of Hearts Update sunday 27th October 2019 on zee world, Roshni enters the room and shouts at Shabnam and hits the bowl out of her hand, then wipes her Grandmother’s mouth.

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Shabnam tells Roshni that DD is still in Prison. Mona, Kesar and Sam love her Roshni has only her Grandmother’s love. She says Roshni will have to come to her to beg for forgiveness soon! Roshni says she would never beg.

Aisha is in the house searching for Roshni. She sees Roshni in the Kitchen and hugs her. She gives Roshni a drawing she made. It’s a picture of her, Roshni and Sid. Roshni fights back her tears. Aisha says Daddy is watching over them in secret.

Roshni agrees and says her dad is watching her and asks her not to do any mischief. She asks her to get ready for school. Aisha leaves for School.
Roshni asks the help, Lakshmi for her Grandmother’s breakfast? The help says Shabnam already took it. Roshni panics and runs to her Grandmother’s room.

Shabnam says Roshni is right to have suspected that she poisoned the food. She says she added poison to one of the two bowls she brought but Roshni threw the good bowl away. She picks up the second bowl and says she will make her eat it as she doesn’t like to waste food. She’s about to feed Roshni’s Granmother when Roshni hits the bowl off again.

On stage, one of the actors asks Sid who he is because he is not the actor who usually plays the role. Roshni turns to look but doesn’t see Sid’s face.
The real actor appears on stage and accuses Sid of Stealing his clothes from him! Sid fights him off and carries on acting. Afterwards, he walks into the Crowd. Roshni doesn’t see him.

Sid is in a Middle class home, getting a massage from a Woman he calls his Mother. His friend comes to see him and calls him Raghu. His friend tells his Mother that her Son is very popular. The Mother says she doesn’t want him to leave her.

Back home, Roshni tells Aisha the story of the Almighty. Aisha asks when someone will come and protect them from Shabnam just like in the story? Shabnam tries to forcibly feed food into Grandmother’s mouth. Roshni’s Grandma cries.

Someone accidentally pours tea on Grandmother’s lap, so Roshni takes her aside to clean her up. A Man appears in a mask. He is a part of the play. He takes off his mask and it’s Sid. Roshni takes Aisha, her Grandmother, and GrandAunt to go and watch a stage play.

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