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In King of Hearts Update Sunday 3 November 2019 on Zee World, DD tells Roshni that she can understand if Sid doesn’t like to get interfere in her business and says she will not tolerate his behavior and it was so embarassing.

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Raj scolds the guards as they follow him and asks them to go. He senses someone’s presence and thinks he saw joker. Joker is seen keeping eye on him. Sid washes his face. Roshni asks what is going on and says DD’s hope was crushed because of him. Sid asks her to get to his point, and asks her to give him time to speak? Roshni talks about DD’s embarassment. Sid says he is not mad and says there is a reason for his behavior.

Ayesha asks Sid why he is shouting on her mum and asks him to say sorry. Sid angrily asks him to go to other room and not to interfere between their mummy and Papa. Roshni gets angry too and leaves. Sid says he don’t know why he is behaving this way. Simran calls Sid, and tells Raj is missing, when she last spoke to him, he said he is going to have coffee. Sid recalls the joker’s message and runs out to the house.

Roshni thinks everything is fine, and Sid is no hiding anything from her. Sid comes to office, and asks Guards to answer where is his dad? He says if anything happens to my dad then I will not leave you four. Simran says she will come with him to the police station. Just then they hear Raj calling for help. Simran identifies his voice. They find him trapped in lift and frees him. Raj says he couldn’t drink coffee and was trapped in lift. Peon brings coffee. Simran gives him coffee, Raj is about to drink it, Sid throws the coffee on floor as he recalls the joker’s message.

Sid talking to Yash and says it is good that you knew it all now. He asks him to be careful. Yash asks him not to worry and go home and check. Raj tells Sid that they don’t need any security. Sid insists. Sid watches TV and sees joker giving a message through an act. He thinks Ayesha is in danger. DD meets her clients about the new jewellery line. Sid comes and looks disturbed. DD asks him to be present.

Sid says hi Alex , you are a big coward , came here and hid yourself. He says I’ll start my game , and then you won’t be able to run away. He says I give you a chance , say the truth. Or else I’ll take you to court , I’ll tell everything there , you stole my money , you almost made us lose our life. He says say the truth Alex. He says y did you do everything? Say the truth and say now. He sees her closely. He turns the chair.

He sees her dead. Scene changes to Roshni and DD. Dd is calling Sid but she isn’t able to connect to him. She scolds Roshni saying where is your husband? Why can’t he come here? Where is he gone? Not picking up? Roshni says everyday they keep on fighting , I think I am seeing a soap opera. Yash comes in , he says I came here to give these medicines to Sam. He denies seeing Sid when Roshni asks. He goes away with dd and asks Roshni to give the medicines to Sam. A joker comes and says did you meet Alex Sid? It is a video on the tv. The joker sings and says did you meet Alex? Would have been interesting? Let’s play the game!

He sees the pictures of everyone he loves on the screen. It shows Roshni, dd , simran everyone. The joker laughs and says that now you’ll lose Roshni. He picks ayesha , he picks sim and raj , then dd. The joker says one button and everyone is gone , dead. The joker says this is a secret between you and me , don’t let the police get to know this. If you tell then like this screen your life will become black. He trues calling someone

A driver comes to pick Roshni and ayesha. They go away with the driver. He smirks. Sid reaches police station. He tries to inform the policeman when he gets a message saying get out from here or you’ll lose something important after half an hour. He tries calling Roshni, Roshni sees her phone on silent. She doesn’t pick Siddharth’s call. She says we are coming for lunch. Wait for a while. Sid says what lunch? Roshni I haven’t sent any driver. Get our of the car. The driver jumps out of the car. Roshni and ayesha shout. Police come with Sid. Dd and yash are on the road. Someone throwing something on dd when yash saves her. Sid reaches for Roshni and ayesha and they are safe.

Roshni gets a call and is shocked. Roshni comes home and asks mom how did you get hurt? Roshni is hurt as well. Dd asks her to sit down. Yash is also injured. Roshni and dd are worried. They ask Sid where was he? Sid starts to say but then resham comes in and says I fell down. There was oil on floor. Roshni says how can all of us be injured together? A video of a joker plays on tv. Ayesha is excited.

Joker is dancing on screen , Sid tries to switch it off but if doesn’t change , the channel doesn’t change. Roshni pulls off the plug. Everyone looks around , I think I saw yash smiling
Sid is alone , he thinks who is doing all this? Someone is observing him.

Sid looks back and sees yash. Yash asks how r u? Are you fine? Sid says everything is fine , just some tension in office. Yash says something is there Sid , I am your friend , you can tell me.s Sid keeps denying. Yash says then I’ll tell uncle aunty. Sid says joker. Yash stops , Sid says I’ll tell u everything , but this talk remains I’m between us. He tells him everything. Sid says finally that I have seen many challenges , many bad people but I have never felt so scared , so anxious.

Raj asks Sid what is happening? He asks Sid, why he has taken much stress? Sid says you are my dad and if you goes missing then I will get tensed. He says you should have ask someone to bring coffee being a multi millionaire. Raja says all is well, no problem. Sid asks the guards not to leave his dad even for a min else…….He thinks to find about the joker and his motive. He thinks I am definitely missing something. Sid comes home and tries talking to Roshni. Roshni says we have no space for sorry and thank you. She says I just need to know if you are fine, and the reason for your behavior.

Sid throws the milk while Ganpath is serving tea and asks from where did he bring milk? Ganpath says from cow. He tells Roshni that milk is containing poison. Roshni says Yash have drank tea and he is fine. Clients says DD’s Jamai looks stressed. Sid tells Yash that something is going to happen because of milk.

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