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Here in King of hearts update sunday 8th December 2019 on zee world, Roshni talking rudely with Raj, Simran and Krutika. She asks Inspector to break his bones until his mind gets on right track.

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She says he couldn’t see that she has moved on in life and is marrying someone else. She says he should realize that it is all over. He says it was someone earnest desire and looks at Simran. Sid is shocked with her behavior. Sid tells Inspector whenever his wife demanded anything till now, he has given her. He says today my wife wants to see me in pain, see me breaking….I won’t back off. He asks Inspector to beat him so ruthlessly that no bone remain in his body, so that he don’t get strength to live and his soul comes out of his body, afterall it is his life’s wish and he will fulfilled. He says I want to see who will dried up soon, my body’s blood or Roshni’s tears.

Simran asks have you gone mad? Roshni asks Inspector to inform her once Sid gets over of his mad love. Simran tells Sid that Roshni has really moved on…..(felt bad for Sid really). Roshni comes out of police station and cries badly ( if she has acted inside or in the car). Hamari Adhuri plays……………Inspector beats Sid badly and gets tired. Sid looks at him and asks Inspector to beat him harshly as asked by his wife. He says there is still life in me, and asks him to beat him. Inspector and Constable beat him. Roshni cries and says sorry…please forgive me. She asks why did you force me to take this step. She says I am not your Roshni…..Siddharth. Neil comes to the Police station insearch of Ragini. Inspector says she didn’t come. Neil goes. Mami tells Police that she is not a thief as she is with the gang.

King of hearts update sunday 8th December 2019 on zee world

Later Roshni is on call. Sid comes there. Roshni looks at his wounds and says it seems Inspector has freed you. Sid says I am very stubborn and can’t get over you with the beatings. He says this is what you wanted, they had beaten me badly and then freed me, but you are killing me till now. He says I was in dreams, thought my Roshni is upset and I will make up with her, but you have betrayed me and took me out of dream world. He says when I came out of dream world, I came to know you was very far and was manipulating me with a remote control, my emotions, love, etc just to make me agree. He says okay, what do you need that I shall go separate ways, that our relation should break….ok..I will give you. He says you will never suitable to me…you were right…it is over. Ragini Desai. You have won…I lose. He says one last thing, you was alive even after death, but now you are alive but killed my Roshni…..Hamari Adhuri plays…………….

Sid calls Anya and asks her to come out of house. Anya asks what happened to you? He tells her that he has done enough and now he has to fight alone. Anya asks how can you say that? Sid says I have faced enough just because I was helping you. He asks her to spend her life with Arav and says he is leaving the city. Sid comes home. Simran asks where was you? Sid asks the men to do as he said. Simran asks who are these men. Sid takes them inside the room and says he don’t need any Roshni’s memories in his room or house. He tears Roshni’s pic taken from the diary….Simran and Raj are shocked. Rabba Tu itna batade plays……………………..One of the person said that he couldn’t take out the photo frame from the wall. Sid takes it out and breaks it on the floor.

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