King of hearts update Thursday 19 December 2019 Zee world

King of hearts update Thursday 19 December 2019 Zee world, Sid asking Naina to give him a chance and clarify the matter. Naina shouts asking him not to forget that she is his saas even now and asks him to take his wife and leave from there. Roshni asks Sid to go, as mom is asking him. Anya smirks and goes. Roshni cries. Sid says okay.

<<King of Hearts update Wednesday 18th December 2019

They come to Simran’s house. Simran does their aarti and says Devimaa has heard her prayers. She asks what do you want to eat? And asks them to enter. Neil tells Naina that he didn’t do anything. Ragini was looking like Ria…He imagines Ria, and says why she is not getting out from my mind. He says how can she wear clothes like Ria. He asks who asked her? Roshni hears them and is shocked. She looks at her dress. Naina makes him sleep. She gets message from Mitul and Ranjeet asking her to take the signatures. Simran comes there and asks if everything is fine. Anya says yes.

Ranjeet acts like Neil while Mitul enjoys his acting. Roshni claps and says I would have understood that it is all done by you both. Ranjeet asks her to leave. Roshni slaps him and says I got late in slapping you. Mitul asks her to be careful and says you doesnt know what I can do with you. Roshni asks what you can do? She asks what is your problem? Whom you want to hurt, this family or me. Mitul says everything is done by you. Roshni asks about the clothes and note kept in her room. Mitul acts as innocent. Roshni determines to expose them and challenge her. Mitul says the game is dangerous and warns her.

King of hearts update Thursday 19 December 2019 Zee world

Anya gets a message and is stressed. Sid asks if everything is fine. Bunty comes to Sid and says he needs signatures. Anya says she will get it signed and snatches paper from his hand. She smirks. She goes to Roshni and says Bunty has sent this papers for your signatures. Roshni asks how are you now? Anya acts to get pain in stomach, just as Roshni begins to read the papers. Roshni goes to bring lemon water. She brings it. Anya asks her to sign fast and says she is getting late. Roshni signs without reading, and asks her to take care.

Anya comes to Neil then, and starts crying. Neil asks what happened? Anya says Siddharth haven’t accepted me fully till now, and says I am worried about my baby. I don’t know what to do. Neil is worried also, and says don’t know why we are trapped. He says I will do whatever you tell me. Anya asks him to sign on the property papers and give half share to her baby. Neil says that’s it. I will sign. He signs on the papers. Anya takes his advantage and says you are worlds best brother. She gives papers to Mitul. Mitul asks her to go home. Anya asks her not to hurt her brother and mum and goes. Mitul thinks Ria and her sister will take revenge and you will hear your family scream till your sasural. She calls Ria and says work is done. Ria smiles and tells her sister that work is done. Her sister says Sen Gupta family will be ruined.

Anya comes back to Sid’s house and thinks if I have done right? If Mami does anything wrong with them then? Sid sees her lost in thinking and asks if she is fine. Bunty switches on TV. They hear the news that a new company Pari Limited company is acquiring a big company. Anya gets worried thinking what will happen if everyone come to know that it is done because of her.

Sid tells Bunty that he has never heard this company name. He goes to give water to Anya and asks what is wrong with her. Anya says she will be fine if she takes rest. Sid goes to attend a call. Roshni looks at DD’s pic and asks why everything is changed. Our life was so good before, I miss you mom and cries. She gets Sid’s call and asks about Anya. Sid asks why you are asking about her. Roshni says nothing. She asks him about Ria and ends the call hearing someone coming. She sees someone coming and asks who are you?

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