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King of hearts update Thursday 2 January 2020 Zee World

King of hearts update Thursday 2 January 2020 Zee World; The Episode starts with Satya and Mahi are in the car. Just then car stops. He calls her Meena. Mahi asks him not to call her Meena. Satya jokes. They get the down as they were stuck. They go to some factory. Satya asks her to think what will happen when a girl and guy are alone. He says anything can happen. Mahi gets scared and calls him loafer. Satya removes his outer shirt. Mahi calls him shameless and says she is not that type of girl. Satya feels pity on her mindset and says if anyone sees you with me then they will think that aunty is with a guy. He says my respect will be ruined. He says I will go and bring something. Mahi says she is hungry and asks him to bring something. Satya asks her not to call him cheapo. He goes and bring water bottle.

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Mahi drinks it and says it is bitter water. Satya says it is not bitter, but a water. Mahi asks him to drink and check. Satya drinks and spits, thinks it is a wine. They both get drunk. Payal worries about her future and thinks Mahi didn’t tell me about any guy. If she goes from my hand then everything will be ruined. Mahi is sitting holding bottle. Satya comes to her and says did I say anytime that your nose is like snake interferes in other’s matters. Mahi says my nose is alright. She says your ears are big like that of elephant and asks did anyone say this. Satya says yes, you said naa..They laugh. Satya stands up and dances on the song Matargasti….Mahi also dances with him.

They laugh after the dance. She asks you should have checked before bring water. Satya says sorry. He says I will sit there. Mahi keeps her hands around his neck and says I wants to dance. They sit and laugh again. Satya says you seems to be like any other girl and not any aunty. Mahi says I don’t pout and pose for selfie. She pouts and asks him to pout too. Satya says you have switched on video. Satya says my aayi must be waiting for me. Mahi says if she loves you very much. Satya says yes, very much. He asks about her Maa. Mahi says her maa is dead, and her dad is also dead. She says Payal is her Maasi, Koel and Shom’s mumma. She says she loves me a lot and says she must be waiting for me. She rests her head on his shoulder. Satya gets emotional and says I want to tell you something. He says you caught me right, I was born and brought up in the chawl, but have king dreams. He says he wants to give everything to his aayi. He says you caught me chipkali. He says my aayi asked me not to see big dreams, and asks for her opinion. He finds her sleeping.

Next morning, Mahi wakes up and finds herself on top of Satya, and sleeping hugging him tightly. She gets shocked and shouts seeing him. Satya gets up shockingly. Mahi asks you brought me here so that you can take my advantage. She asks what did you make me drink last night. Satya asks her to keep quiet and asks her not to raise hand. He tells that I have shot video. Mahi sees their conversation. Satya says I will sit afar from you, but Mahi goes to him and sits with him. Satya says my aayi taught me to respect women and I will do that all my life. Mahi is teary eyes. Satya asks her to come and says I will drop you home in your car.

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