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King of Hearts Update Thursday 21st November 2019 on Zee World have it that, Amol telling Sid that they will be way ahead of him, Sid says you and your brother are far behind me.

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DD thinks where is Yash? She sees Raj talking to security and thinks what is he doing with the commandos. She thinks Raj and Sid will kill them for property and thinks to hide somewhere, before Raj sees her and kidnap her. Yash manages to enter home. Raj says first we will search ground and then first floor. He tells commandos that their mission is to save DD. Yash enters and says I have to kidnap DD anyhow. DD hides in the house.

Raj feels DD must have been here. DD sees Raj standing and hits on his head. Raj faints and falls down injured. Commandos come to Raj. Raj says someone had hit on my head and asks them to search DD. Sid and Roshni are in the car. Sid says I will drop you to mom’s house. Roshni says no, and asks to take her to DD’s house. Roshni calls DD through Sid’s phone. DD sees Sid Kukreja calling and thinks he is near me. She disconnects the call.

Roshni tells Sid that someone have cut the call and says something is wrong for sure. Yash manages to get DD, and asks her to come with him as she is unsafe here. DD says okay. Yash says I will tell you everything and asks her to come. DD says what they are doing here in my house. DD says my heart is not letting me go. Yash says they are dangerous people and we should leave soon. He takes her with him.

DD faints as she collides with a furniture. Yash lifts her and gets down the window. Resham comes and asks Yash where is he taking DD. He hits her asking her to move, and elopes in the car. Resham shouts. Roshni calls Raj. Raj tells her that Yash have kidnapped DD. Roshni tells Sid that they can’t take risk. Sid says nothing will happen to her, and asks her not to worry. She asks her to save her mum. Sid promises.

DD gains consciousness at a place. Roshni and Sid come home. Resham tells them that Yash have kidnapped DD and left. Sid says I will track him. Yash comes and says I am here to end your baja. Roshni asks where is my mum? Yash says that’s why I came here. He says you have given challenge of 24 hours and says it is not yet over. He says I have kidnapped DD under your nose. Sid says I will kill you.

Yash plays video on TV. Roshni and Sid are shocked to see DD tied and hang with rope, and kept above the boiling water. Yash says if the rope is broken then sasumom….laughs madly. DD panics seeing boiling water down. Roshni asks him to leave her mum. Sid says Roshni. Yash says live telecast. He says it is like last time, full entertainer. He asks Roshni to drink water. Roshni cries and begs infront of him.

Yash asks Sid to hold his collar and beat him. DD gets flashes of Sid trying to save her while she is hanged by Yash. She shouts Siddharth, and apologizes. Roshni says mom have remembered everything. Sid asks where is my sasumom, and beats Yash. Yash says old lady remembered everything, but my plan will not change. Roshni will marry me tomorrow, and then I will free DD. He asks them to take decision wisely as time is less. DD recalls her bad behavior with Sid, and says I am so sorry Siddharth, I am so sorry. She says if I get a chance once, I will make everything fine. Roshni cries and says sorry for failing on her duty. She says it is all my fault. She asks Yash that his mom have nothing to do with him, and asks him to leave her mum. She begs infront of him. Yash says game have just started and says your life will be changed soon. He says just few hours, and then your life will be ruiined. Resham, Sid and Roshni are shocked.

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