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King of Hearts Update thursday 24th October 2019 on zee world have it that, Bansi tells Roshni’s Grandmother to either go to the old people’s home or jail since Roshni has refused to sign the divorce papers.

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The Doctor says it was the Wife of the head of the village and Bansi exchanged the Child with DD’s Child and later made DD’s Mother believe she was stealing another person’s Child. Sid is relieved that Roshni is DD’s daughter.

The Doctor says DD gave birth to a beautiful daughter. Sid says the daughter was dead. The Doctor says he was forced to say the baby was stillborn but it was a perfectly healthy baby girl. Sid asks she gave birth to a stillborn?

Bansi throws Roshni’s Grandmother towards the door. Shabnam begs them to leave her alone. Bansi says if Roshni doesn’t do what she has asked her to do, her Grandmother will go to jail! Roshni says she will sign the divorce papers. Her Grandmother begs her not to, saying she doesn’t mind going to jail.

The Kidnapper brings DD into the hut. Sid frees himself and helps the Doctor to untie the ropes through the hole. Her Grandmother asks what she will tell DD who told her to look after Roshn? Roshni says Sid will return and fix everything.

The Kidnapper tells DD to go into a room and she will find Sid there. He takes out a syringe and he’s about to stab DD in the back but Sid attacks him. His partners come to help him but the Doctor joins Sid in defeating them.

DD is very worried about Sid. Her Mother tells her to relax. DD gets a call from Sid’s Phone. She’s relieved but panics when she hears a different voice. The Kidnapper instructs her to come and see him in Nirona. Sid is tied up and blindfolded. He moans and the Kidnapper tells DD to come if she wants him to live!

DD tells her Mother about the conversation. She tries to call the number again but it’s switched off. Her Mother tells her to hurry to Nirona. DD asks who will take care of Roshni? Her Mother says she will, and if they need any help, they will turn to the Khuranas.

Premal asks Bansi what they would do? Bansi says Roshni has 2 sources of strength and they are DD and Sid, so their path is now clear and she will make everyone her puppet!

Inside the hut, Sid struggles to free himself from the ropes. He hears another Man cough and asks who is there because he is blindfolded and can’t see. The Man says he was told to come to a hospital and he ended up in the hut. Sid asks for his name?

Premal and Bansi are destroying Roshni’s Grandmother’s room. They tell her to go to an old people’s home! Roshni struggles with them. He says he’s a Doctor, Doctor Shaw. Sid is able to remove his blindfold. He uses his mouth to pick up a syringe and uses it to poke a hole in the wall.

Roshni’s Grandmother begs Bansi, reminding her they’ve been friends for a long time. Roshni tells her Granny not to beg. Bansi asks if she should reveal the secret to Roshni? Roshni asks what it is? She takes her Grandmother out ofthe room.

Kunal says DD is also not Roshni’s real Mother. Roshni tells them to stop talking nonsense! She tells her Grandmother not to listen to them! Her Grandmother says they are telling the truth. Roshni is stunned and devastated.

Sid says it’s a good thing he found the Doctor because he came to Nirona looking for him. The Doctor asks why he’s looking for him?
DD arrives at the Village and shows Sid’s photo to passersbys to ask if they have seen him?

Sid manages to pull out a brick from the wall between the room he’s in and the Doctor’s room. He tells the Doctor to help him with a problem he has.
DD sees one of the Kidnappers and shows him the photo. He tells her that he has saw Sid and knows where he is. She begs him to take her to him.

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