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King of hearts update Thursday 26th December 2019 Zee world

King of hearts update Thursday 26th December 2019 Zee world; The Episode starts with Payal organizing party for Ria. Ria thanks her and cuts the cake. Gangu Tai tells Sid to take care of karanveer and tells that she is taking Satya. Payal gets a call from Gaffur. He tells you have planned with me to give me money to kill them. Payal gets tensed and says you will not harm anyone. Gaffur says I will do what you said earlier. Payal thinks you can’t do anything wrong Gaffur. Ria asks Payal to come. Sid asks Ria to give birth to a baby girl so that his son Karanveer can woo her. Ria laughs and asks how do you know that this will be baby girl. Roshni says my husband is antar yami and knows all. Sid says when he saw Roshni for first time, I thought I will marry her. He says that he will live and die with Roshni. He tells Karan veer will be very stylish and Mahi will be bowled over by his looks. Ria asks who is Mahi? Sid says your daughter. Neil says you gave name, gender to our baby. Sid says I want to give my lucky locket which Roshni gave me to Mahi and says this locket have protected me from even death. He gives his locket to Ria for Mahi with a letter, and says I wanted to give this to Mahi when I can’t as we are going. Ria asks where you both are going? Roshni says London, as Raj and Simran are there. We are shifting there. Payal thinks it is good that they are going and will be safe from Gaffur. Mitul suggests that they shall dance in the party. Sid and Roshni dance in the party on the song Kabhi Na Kehna Alvida……Payal looks at them. Naina smiles looking at them. Ria and Neil also dance in the party.

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Roshni thanks Sid for coming in her life and completing her. She says I will fight with death also for you, says I love you. Sid says I love you too. Everyone claps for them. Sid says it is time to say bye. Neil thanks Sid and Roshni for coming in their life and asks them to return soon. Sid says where we will go, live here die here….says hum hai rahi pyaar ke, phir milenge chalte chalte. Roshni says bye. Everyone signs bye. Payal seems to be changed and worries. Sid, Roshni, Gangu Tai along with Karanveer and Satya are in the car. Sid says this street seems to be meeting with sky…Roshni says our baby have understood what you said. Sid looks at her. Roshni asks what happened? Sid says everything is moving infront of my eyes. He holds her hand. Gaffur hits their car with his truck and laughs. Sid and Roshni gets severely injured. Sid is seen with baby on his chest and unconscious.

Sid gets up with immense pain. He sees Karanveer crying. Gangu Tai tries to make Satya open his eyes…..Sid asks Roshni to open her eyes. Roshni opens her eyes and asks about Karan. Sid says he is fine. Roshni kisses him. Gangu goes to Sid and Roshni and tells that Satya is no more….Sid and Roshni are shocked. Sid cries. Roshni asks Gangu Tai to handover Karanveer to his grand parents Raj and Simran. Roshni tells Sid that her mum is calling her, and asks will you come with me…I can’t live with you. Sid says he can see clearly them in other world together, away from all relations, only you and me for forever. Roshni and Sid tell I love you to each other and die in each other embrace. Gangu tai sees them dead and cries. She looks at Karanveer and says you are my Satya now….I will not give you to anyone, you are my Satya from today and cries.

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