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King of hearts update Thursday 28th November 2019 on Zee World, Sid dancing in the disco with the girls while the song Ladki beautiful kargayi chul plays…………….A girl comes to meet Sid.

Bunty says Bhai is really good and this is not reality. Sid is seen drinking wine and dancing with girls. Girl looks at Sid and goes near him. She says hi Sid….I am Radhika. Sid takes off his googles and looks at her from top to toe. He asks her to come closer as he can’t hear anything because of noise. Radhika says I am Radhika. Sid asks her to come closer and says nice….He asks why did you come here? He asks did you come for Sid or for this and shows the drugs. He says I want to fly with you tonight. Radhika slaps him and asks him to get lost.

Simran talks to Radhika’s mum and says if our kids choose each other then we will keep roka tomorrow. Radhika comes and says she can’t marry a man who is a drunkard and a womanizer. Simran says there must be a misunderstanding. Raj also says the same. Radhika asks her parents to come with her. Simran sees wine bottles in Sid’s room. Raj says it is juice. Sid dances with her on the song and says it is not cigarette, but pepper mint. Simran asks why you didn’t like the girl.

Sid says why do you want to ruin my happy life. She says the girls are not good. Simran says your life is not happy and says Kajal was like a model. Sid says she is mad. Simran tells about other girls. Sid says some girls are like his sister, and other is like a child. Simran says age doesn’t matter and gives example of Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu.

Sid asks Raj to drink apple juice shot. Simran asks Sid to hear her and asks what happened to you? She says I know you are not happy at all, and I can’t see your pain. I know this is just a show off act, but you can’t fool your mum. I can’t see your pain and asks him to stop it. Sid smiles and says it seems we shall tell truth to mom. He makes her sit on sofa and says truth is that….I love a beautiful woman. Simran is happy.

Sid says I know you want God to give me love, and that’s why he gave Roshni to me, but she is gone. He says Roshni is gone, but my love for her haven’t ended. He says Roshni was mine, and I was hers. When she is in my heart and life. He says marriage and love happen only once in life, now there will be no Ishq, Pyaar and dosti..He says I love you mom….Simran looks on sad. Sid leaves.

Raj sits on sofa. Simran says even I used to love Roshni very much, and she was like our daughter. She says if I go back in past, then I will ask one thing from God that Roshni and Sid wouldn’t have met. She says may be that relation was not destined to be meant. He says Sid have faced many troubles and have done so much for that house, but he was insulted by them. She says I can’t see him like this. Raj is upset too. Sid is in his room and thinks about Roshni. Main Adhura Jeeraha hun plays…………………He recalls the happy moments with her.

King of hearts update Thursday 28th November 2019 on Zee World

Sid talks to Roshni’s pic and says his mum is after him and want him to marry. He says I will not marry. Sid looks at DD’s pic also. He says you both have taken my life with you. He gets smith’s call. He asks him to go to Delhi for the event as he is stuck in Paris. Sid says ok, I will handle it. He thinks Smith got scared with the CEO. Sid is about to sit in car. Media persons asks him about his marriage plan. Sid says he has no plans and gets inside the car. He says he has ruined his respect because of mom.

Bunty tells him about the CEO and says she is a workaholic. Sid says who is Ragini Desai. Bunty says she can’t tolerate mistake. Ragini’s secretary asks receptionist to change the flowers and asks Farzana to get the reports right now. Ragini is seen getting down the car. Bunty says there is no pic of hers on net or newspapers. Ragini is seen drinking coffee. Her face is revealed. She is Roshni.

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