King of hearts update Tuesday 14th January 2020 on Zee World


King of hearts update Tuesday 14th January 2020 on Zee World

King of hearts update Tuesday 14th January 2020 on Zee World; Satya telling Mahi that he wants to see smile on her face and wants to see her happy. He says if you smile, then I keep smiling all day. If you cry, then tears roll down from my eyes. Whatever you feel, I feel the same, don’t know how we are tied up. He says you told me that I have married you for money, but I am changed now, you have changed me. He says what do you think that I have been silently bearing my insult by you, and says I gave this right to my Aayi and now you. He says why I am doing this? You insult me and then also I come back to you? For money? No. Just because I love you. Mahi looks on with teary eyes. Satya declares his love for her and says I love you Mahi, more than anybody else in this world. He says I love you…Mahi steps back and is about to fall, but Satya holds her hand and pulls her closer. A song Main Hun Hero Tera plays………..Mahi looks at him.

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Satya says today….I am drunk and will not lie, takes his mother’s promise and says I love you so much Mahi. He says Satya loves you, and gets teary eyes. He says Mahi Sen Gupta….Satya loves you. He says this is what I wanted to tell you. Koel and Payal are seeing his love confession. Koel asks Payal, can she see what is going on? Payal fumes. Satya is about to kiss Mahi, but faints being drunk. Mahi holds him and takes him to room. Payal gets very much angry and thinks these two are romancing behind my back. King of hearts update Tuesday 14th January 2020 on Zee World

Koel laughs and asks Payal to drink. She says you deserve this. You have snatched Satya from me and gave to Mahi. She asks why you are angry now. She says now they are united…you will not get anything and everything will be snatched from you. Payal throws wine on her face and asks what do you think that I am doing this for myself. She says I have plant Satya so that I can give Mahi’s property to you and Shom being your mum, but Satya is smart and married Mahi as he loves her and wants to save her from Mahi’s step mum. She says he didn’t know who am I? She asks Koel to decide what to do? If you want to curse me or want to take revenge from them by shaking hand with me. Koel shakes hand with her. Payal says now we both will ruin them, and smirks.

King of hearts update Tuesday 14th January 2020 on Zee World

Mahi makes Satya lie down on bed. She looks at him with teary eyes. A song Kyun Tu Mera Kya Laage plays………………She recalls their marriage. She takes her hand from his hand and covers him with blanket.

In the morning, Naina lights diya and prays to God. She says Mahi has taken care of Satya and gave a hope to me. She asks God to keep his blessings on them. Payal comes and says God can’t do anything, don’t have false hopes, our prayers will go waste, Mahi will never love Satya and smiles. She says you shall set it off this diya, else I will do it. Naina stops her and asks her not to challenge her belief. She says there is nothing beyond that belief and you can’t understand being darkness. She says you never loved your husband and will never understand relations. She says you can stop Mahi from going to Satya, but she will go to her husband being her mum Ria’s daughter. She says truth will win, and asks her to see. Payal gets angry and goes. Naina is hopeful and prays.

Mahi is in the kitchen and recalls Satya’s love confession. She makes tea and puts in the tea cup. Naina comes and says good morning. She takes the tea cup. Mahi looks on surprised. Naina asks what happened? If this tea is not good. Mahi says actually I made this tea for Satya. Naina asks what? Mahi says Satya. Naina says it is strange, you fight and insults him a lot, but take care of him also. Mahi looks on surprised.


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