King of Hearts Update Tuesday 15th October 2019 on zee world, kick starts as Raj enters and says Roshni is a good girl and everyone has mistaken her.

Previously: King of Hearts Update Monday 14th October 2019 on Zee World

Simran throws Roshni’s bag and asks Naani to take her granddaughter from her as she cannot tolerate her anymore in her house. Naani asks Simran to stop and says she has kept snakes/traitors in her house and has not identified them at all.

Her Roshni is innocent and she believes her, she points at rivals and says these people add oil in fire. Roshni says she will not come back and will win her fight alone, says until Sidharth comes she will not go anywhere.

The episode starts with Roshni telling Simran that there is a big misunderstanding, she came to pick her mobile and someone locked door from outside. Simran asks her to spare her and her son and leave them forever. Naani interferes, but Simran asks her to take her granddaughter from here.

Biji reminisces Roshni touching her feet, she giving her family bangls, Roshni winning competition and gets sad. Raj asks to open her door. Cloth falls on trophy and it falls down. Sahe pic ks it back and reminisces Roshni requesting to give her 1 chance to become her obedient bahu.

Sid’s guests goes to bathroom and sees Jasmeet aunty’s son on a lady in a bathroom. Sid asks if she is not ashamed now to see her son’s affair. Aunt gets tensed and her bahu starts yelling at lady. Sid asks everyone to come to the hall.

Yash tells DD they should go and help Roshni. DD in her husky male voice and male-looking face says Roshni wants to her to apologize her in-laws, which she will never do and will instead punish them. She asks him to take care of Roshni in her absence.

She thought her family is very understanding, but did not know her children would do this. Raj asks her to calm down. Roshni says she stayed here for Sid, but looks like he does not believe her, so she will go. Sid silently looks at her walking.

Rival aunt asks Biji not to worry, Sid can remarry and move ahead in life. Kritika says Sid is not detered with the incident, so she should calm down. Sid comes and asks what is happening. Rival aunty says his wife was caught in an intimate position with unknown man. Sid is shocked to hear that. Simran asks to believe her.

She tells Simran if she wants to beat her, she can, but she will not go until Sid comes. She asks Yash to take Naani and Bua from here. Naani says without her she will not go. Roshni says she knows her Roshni will not accept defeat so easily. Simran throws her on floor.

kritika tells her husband rajveer that he plan worked this time. He says he thought Sid will fail it as usual and take Roshni’s side, but he did, now he will loot whole family. Ugly woman asks what does he mean. He says he mean DD’s family.

Rival aunt tells now she will go as there is no party Sid says it is Biji’s party and has to complete, he will not allow any guest go without having food. Aunt says her son is waiting outside, so she will go. Sid asks to call her son inside. Simran asks what happened to him.

Rival aunt’s son comes and hugs her husband. Aunt says they both look so cute. Sid says son go and wash his face as it has dirt. Son also goes to washroom. Lady starts screaming to leave her, everyone run towards washroom.


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