King of hearts update Tuesday 21st January 2020 Zee World


King of hearts update Tuesday 21st January 2020 Zee World

King of hearts update Tuesday 21st January 2020 Zee World; Aleena making Satya fall and then hit him with her leg. Payal is shocked, and thinks this could be not Mahi. Mahi was innocent and simple. Aleena accuses Satya for entering her room. Satya tells that her face resembles his wife. Aleena tells that she will call Police. Satya says I am afraid of Police. Payal gets worried and wonders what will happen if Police comes. Mitul tells everyone that someone had worn room service dress and entered a room. Koel says it is cheap. Inspector comes and takes Satya. New Mahi sees Police taking Satya and asks him. Satya says Payal will tell you. Payal tells that there is a misunderstanding and she will talk to Inspector. New Mahi asks Inspector what happened. Inspector tells her that Satya tried to steal something from Aleena’s room. New Mahi tells that Satya is her husband and goes to talk to Aleena. Meanwhile Aleena scolds the manager for the bad service. New Mahi goes to Aleena and sees her face. She is shocked. She tries to touch her face.

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Aleena asks her not to touch her and asks is this kind of a circus. She goes. New Mahi falls down shocked. Satya comes to her and comforts her. Mahi is shocked. She shows photo to Inspector and tells that she was having Aleena’s face before. Inspector gets confused. Mahi tells Satya that she is not getting a good feeling and goes to talk to Aleena. She goes to Aleena and asks what do you think that you will steal my face and will trouble me. Aleena asks her to get lost and asks someone for a retake. Mahi turns and something falls down. Mitul and Koel come and is shocked to see Mahi’s lookalike. Director asks who are you people and asks them to leave. He fires Aleena. Aleena asks for a one last chance. He says who will pay for the loss and asks him team to find another stunt artiste. Aleena slaps Mahi. Satya is shocked and holds her. Aleena asks her not to forget that how she slapped her. Payal asks how dare you slap her? Aleena slaps her and says like this. Payal falls and is shocked.

Mahi says I will find out whose conspiracy is this and will not leave you. Aleena warns her and says if you or your people come near me then I won’t leave you all. My name is Aleena, don’t you dare forget that. Satya looks on. Mitul says she is a dangerous Mahi or whoever. Mahi tells that she is shocked to see her lookalike when she lost her face. She says someone is doing this for property and is playing game with us. Payal asks her not to worry. Mahi says someone is using her and wants her to come in my place. She says it is a big conspiracy, my accident, this girl’s entry here and then all this. She says I can’t let anything happen to my loved ones. She says once we transfer property on Satya’s name, everything will be fine. She says only my husband Satya can protect us now and will take care of property. Satya says Mahi. Mahi hugs him.

Mahi comes to Payal’s room. She sees Payal’s phone ringing and picks the call. Lawyer tells that they have to work on it sooner else it will be late. Mahi asks what? Lawyer is shocked to hear her. Payal comes and takes the phone. She asks who is this? Lawyer says I am mehta, Payal acts and tells that she couldn’t hear. She goes to garden area and calls him. Lawyer informs Payal that Mahi called him home. Payal tells him that they will work on their plan today itself. Someone’s reflection is shown at lawyer’s home.


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