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King of hearts update Tuesday 24th December 2019 Zee world

King of hearts update Tuesday 24th December 2019 Zee world, Sid telling Neil that Naina did what every mum can do. He says I love Roshni and will love her till my last breath. He says legally your marriage is illegal.

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Neil asks why did you act till now and says you are married to Anya. Sid says I was never married to Anya, and tells about the story, how he saved Anya from committing suicide and tried to give name to her illegitimate baby. Neil and Naina are shocked. Payal says I wouldn’t have done all this hardwork if I would have known that you are rotten from inside. She tells Sid that you wanted to snatch business from me and return to them, and says they don’t need company but little water to get drowned. She feels pity for them. Neil gets an attack. Sid says it is a pity and you don’t know who will get drowned in little water. He says this family has favored on me, and I will ruin the person who tries to ruin them. Neil leaves from house while Naina tries to stop him. Sid follows Neil in his car and asks him to stop the car. Payal asks Ria to come with her. Payal asks where we are going?

Payal calls someone and asks to send goons. Sid stops his car infront of Neil’s car and asks have you gone crazy. Neil thanks him for saving Anya, his family and him. Sid asks him to stop it and says you are making me feel small. He says you are not less than a devta and have immense respect for you in my heart. You was with my Roshni during her toughest time. He says we shall forget the past. He says we both love each other a lot and says these kinds of relationship gets with destiny. He asks him to give a chance to his relationship with Ria. He gets a call and gets shocked.

Naina and Mitul take Roshni to hospital. Sid come running there followed by Neil. He asks Doctor, how is she? Doctor asks we can’t do anything in this situation. Sid asks what? Doctor says your wife is pregnant. Sid is shocked. Neil is clueless. Doctor says it is difficult to save mum and baby both. Sid gets inside the OT and recalls Roshni telling that she is getting bad feeling that something wrong is going to hospital. He reminisces all the good moments and holds her hand. He kisses on her stomach. He tells her that God can’t snatched her from him…He promises that they will stay together till their last breath, we three…..

Mitul tells Neil that some goons entered home and beat Roshni badly. She says I had hidden in the cupboard so got saved. Neil is shocked.

Sid comes to temple and asks God how can he snatch loved ones for his enjoyment and to take test. He asks until when I can give test…and says I have given 1000’s of test and came first. He says I am still standing strong and says it is my ego. He says he wants his Roshni and his child back. He says you have snatched my sasumom from me. I didn’t say anything and asks why only me…He says I won’t let you snatch my Roshni and my baby, and you will give me. He says I will not bend down infront of you and says I have won and will win today also. Roshni is seen in the ICU. Sid says if you are God, then I am Siddharth who don’t accept defeat and lights candle on his hand. Roshni gains consciousness and takes Sid’s name. Neil comes to Sid and says God has listened to you, Roshni is fine now. Sid comes back to Roshni and asks until when you will wear these clothes. Roshni says congratulations Papa. Sid says congratulation mamma.

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